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‘Haze Glazing’ Is Set To Be 2019’s Biggest Hair Colour Trend – How To Get The Look

Hairstylist Zoe Irwin was inspired by the Seventies while creating the concept.

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31 March 2019

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Biggest Hair Colour Trend

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It’s only the end of March and so far this year we’ve already been treated to lots of new celebrity hair inspiration, from Charlize Theron and Irina Shayk’s sharp brunette bobs to Lady Gaga’s ever-changing pastel locks.

Now, there’s a stunning new colour trend which is set to take 2019 by storm and it’s called ‘haze glazing’.

‘Haze glazing’

“I started experimenting with my clients and realised putting warmth on the hairline made eyes pop and look amazing,” explains Wella Professionals colour trend expert Zoe Irwin, who came up with the concept.

“I’m obsessed with colour bringing out people’s natural skin tone and eye colour. I’ve been using this on my client and they love it – they are so ready for it.”

Intrigued? Here, the hair stylist explains what ‘haze glazing’ is all about and what you need to know to get the look…

What Is ‘Haze Glazing’?

“Haze glazing is the trend and the palette,” Irwin explains. “It’s an overall concept to add a warm, sunlit illuminated effect to hair.

“The palette is based around the magical light that happens in the evening, throwing a warm haze onto everything.”

She says that the concept was inspired by the movement towards Seventies tones, not just in the beauty world, but in fashion and interiors too.

“As a trend forecaster I note how the market reacts to colours and I can see that yellow as a tone has a 50% year-on-year rise and terracotta is coming through as being a strong colour forecast for 2020.”

‘Haze glazing’

This gorgeous, golden hour feel is created by starting with a warm base colour such as terracotta, ochre or mustard then adding a lighter ‘glaze’ on top.

“The glaze is a ‘diluted’ yet warm wash of colour that picks up on any pre-lightened areas of hair,” Irwin says.

‘haze glazing’

How To Get The ‘Haze Glazing’ Look

To create this subtle, multi-toned look you’ll definitely want to book a consultation with a colourist.

Once you’ve decided on your base and glaze shades, your colourist should follow Irwin’s three-step technique:

1. Create an overall colour. “I colour hair to make it look as natural as possible. I use multiple tones in the hair that blend seamlessly into one another. A girl’s root may be five or six shades darker than her ends, but because of the blending it becomes completely natural. The colour is bespoke and I blend the tones together with my fingers.”

2. Lighten the hair. “The technique I love using is ‘palm painting’ which is from the French way of balayaging. You put the colour onto the back of your hand, and then pick up delicate pieces of colour and paint it on. Then using my fingers, I blend it all in so it means that the ends get the right level of lightening because of the warmth of my hands.”

3. Apply the glaze. Irwin uses a palette of four shades: maple, ochre, sienna and terracotta.