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Ask An Expert: Why Does Hair Turn Grey Over Time?

Posted on

15 January 2019

Grey hair generation

If you’ve reached a certain age in life, you’ll probably remember the first time that, in total horror, you plucked a grey hair from your head while looking in the mirror.

Going grey is a completely natural part of the ageing process, and it happens to most of us, but it can still be a shock to see your beloved natural hair shade changing colour over time.

Scalp Care to Onion Juice - 9 Ways to Boost Your Hair Health

Posted on

30 December 2018

Ways to boost your hair health

Cooler weather, plus weeks of partying, bad diet and not enough sleep means winter can be a recipe for hair disaster.

So, with January's arrival, there's no better time to give your tresses some TLC.

That doesn’t mean a complete overhaul of your routine – depending on the state of your locks all it takes is a couple of tweaks to get them back to optimal condition.

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How To Get And Maintain Icy Blonde Hair

Posted on

29 November 2018

How To Get And Maintain Icy Blonde Hair

A new season often makes us want to mix up our look. If you’re still wondering what change you should make, luckily Hilary Duff is here to give you some hair inspiration.

Duff is the latest celebrity to don the ‘winter white’ look, with an icy blonde hue that is perfect for wintertime.

But, before you transform your hair from dark to platinum blonde –you should know, it isn’t the easiest change to make. We spoke to the experts to find out everything you need to know if you’re also looking to make a seasonal hair switch…