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You Can Now Order This Works Products Online in UAE

The range promotes beautiful skin - with a good night's sleep

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19 June 2019

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Rebecca Roberts

Rebecca Roberts, Group Editor of ExpatWoman

With a huge celebrity following, This Works is a brand with a bold claim for a name.

This is one for our beauty and skincare aficionados in the region - we have great news for you. This Works, the skincre and beauty brand that has been making waves with their 'miracle' products is now available to shop online in the UAE.

Created in 2003 by the former Beauty Director of Vogue UK, Kathy Philips, the 24-hour skincare has products suited for the day and night.

Famed for the amazing Deep Sleep Pillow Spray (AED 115, Faces.com), the brand has firm fan favourites that you should know about, if you don't already...

#1 No Wrinkles Extreme Moisturiser

This anti-ageing day moisturiser can be used daily on clean skin, and is complete with SPF.
AED 330

#2 Sleep Balm

A relaxing, multi-purpose balm with aromatherapeutic benefits to help you unwind and enjoy a respite from the day's tensions and anxieties.
AED 85

#3 No Wrinkles Tired Eyes

An anti-ageing eye serum to apply to your eye contour both at night, and in the morning. Only one pump is needed for each eye.
AED 305

#4 Stress Check Face Oil

A daytime calming facial oil, which can be used to cleanse and de-stress irritated skin.
AED 290

#5 In Transit Camera Close-Up

A daytime face mask, moisturiser and primer all in one - simply apply to clean skin, including the eye area, and massage gently for a dewy and perfectly prepped face.
AED 215

#6 Evening Detox Cleansing Water

A no-nonsense night time detoxifying cleanser, which works to purify and revitalise skin that has been exposed to pollutants.
AED 160

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