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Is It Always Quality vs. Affordability When It Comes to Diamonds?

Lo and behold, there is a middle ground!

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1 October 2017

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Is It Always Quality vs. Affordability When It Comes to Diamonds?

You really don’t need to compromise when you are choosing your engagement ring, you can get an excellent quality AND affordable ring. You might have thought that you would have to sacrifice quality to be able to afford a dazzling ring. Although it does unquestionably help having a larger budget to maximise every aspect of the ring. The reality is that this does not always make your ring visually superior. And in this day and age you don’t have to drop a year’s salary on a ring to find the perfect one for you.

Where to buy

Firstly, consider where you are buying your diamond. Dubai happens to be one of the best places to buy diamonds in the world. Buying diamond jewellery in Dubai can be as much as 50-60% cheaper than their price in another European or Intercontinental country! In addition, Dubai only deals with the best quality diamonds and wont accept anything less, therefore you can be sure you are getting a legitimate good quality diamond. Although we always recommend checking the quality before you buy, don’t get stung. All Fergus James diamonds are GIA certified and will only sell you the best quality product providing the best prices possible that are within your budget.

What is your specification?

What do you want? You might not have realised that the ring you want isn’t as expensive as you thought, or it doesn’t have to be! Decide what factors are most important, then depending on your budget, variations of the 4C’s (Cut, colour, clarity and carat weight) can be explored to provide the perfect and affordable diamond for you. In addition, unique designs and gem options are aspects that can be introduced to show you there are plenty of rings that match your specification but can be altered to suit your budget comfortably.

4C’S and certification

As mentioned previously, the 4C’s are how your diamond will be graded on its overall quality. If your diamond is GIA certified (you should make sure of this) the visual quality of the diamond is guaranteed to be visually adequate. Therefore, whatever your price range you can still get a beautiful diamond. Clue yourself up on the 4C’s or ask for advice from your jeweller on this, and discover what aspect of the 4C’s will be most important to you and this can be adjusted to suit your price range, whilst still providing a stunning diamond.

Is It Always Quality vs. Affordability When It Comes to Diamonds?

Tips on cheaper options

There are ways to get more for your money by employing these tricks.

Fancy shapes like princess and pear cuts tend to appear bigger whatever the carat weight may be. In addition, halo engagement rings where small diamonds boarder the main diamond often make the centre diamond look a lot bigger than it is.

There are also other alternatives to diamonds such as gemstones that are cheaper and create a beautiful ring, and with these you will be able to have a larger carat weight for your money. Sapphires, emeralds and rubies all work well as a cheaper alternative to the typical diamond and can create a striking and unique piece.

The metal of the band can also affect price, the cheaper option available is 18 carat white gold rather than platinum. Another thing to consider with the band is a thinner band, which can actually look better than some of the thicker bands and can compliment the diamond you have chosen beautifully, whilst cutting the costs too!

Is It Always Quality vs. Affordability When It Comes to Diamonds?

Ring available at Fergus James

Fergus James provide tax-free and GIA certified, affordable and great quality rings. With the most helpful and knowledgeable gemmologists to guide you along the way and to ensure you get the best quality ring to suite your price. So you don’t have to worry about sacrificing quality for affordability!