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Here Are The Biggest Wedding Trends For 2018

Flowers on the table are sooo 2017!

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27 December 2017

Wedding trends for 2018

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We’re about to enter a new year which means a new wedding calendar, as we have all the wedding trends for 2018 that you need to know.

Although a couple's big day often focuses on timeless wedding traditions, fashion trends can often dictate the décor, flowers and theme of a wedding. As the new 2018 wedding trends have been predicated with hints of the 2018 colour of the year, ultra violet, an influx of floral decorations and wreaths, smaller guest lists and touches of trendy marble.

From the food to the venue, we have the wedding inspiration that you need to start planning your wedding Pinterest board, as 2018 is about to bring in a new wedding style! Here is our edit of the biggest wedding trends that you’ll see in 2018

#1 Transparent Touches

Light and bright spaces are trending in 2018, as more couples will choose wedding venues with full windows and glass features which evoke minimalist, Scandinavian vibes. Glasshouses are becoming a popular wedding venue, as trendy transparency is also spreading into the decorations with Perspex seating plans, glass jars and candle holders, and even semi-transparent paper place settings.

2018 Wedding Trends

#2 Copper

Following the popular rose gold trend, copper is the new quirky alternative. Copper is traditionally the gift of your 7th wedding anniversary, but why not incorporate its metallic touch in your wedding as well. Copper details can be added in cutlery, chairs, ribbons and your wedding colour scheme, as it mostly looks effective when reflecting candle light. Pin this idea for an autumn wedding in 2018!

2018 Wedding Trends
2018 Wedding Trends

#3 Dessert Tables

The traditional last course of your wedding is being ditched for a quirky desert table in 2018. Which means you get to try every dessert you desire, from mini cheesecakes, doughnuts, macaroons, cookies and practically every sweet treat you can fit on the table! Don’t worry the wedding cake can stay if you like, as the centrepiece of your dessert table. As a wedding guest, we are definitely loving this 2018 trend.

2018 wedding trends

#4 Marble Effect

From marble wedding cakes, to a marble dance floor, this texture will reign in 2018. The swirled effect has already made its way into the interior design world and therefore our homes, as it begins to emerge onto the wedding scene. The marble effect could be the theme of your entire wedding, with balloons, place cards and decorations, or it can be a subtle touch which enhances most colour palettes and creates a modern, fashionable wedding look.

2018 wedding trends
2018 wedding trends

#5 Florals

Hanging floral installations started to feature in the most stylish weddings of 2017, as they continue to develop creatively into 2018. Hanging flowers and greenery create an enchanting atmosphere and play effectively with space, height and viewpoints. Flowers on the table are sooo 2016! Florals are also blooming on the aisle with more and more flowers incorporated into weddings, as even potted plants are lining the aisle. Living bars are another 2018 trend, as flower-decorations keep on growing!

2018 wedding trends

#6 Creative Place Cards

As the years go by wedding details are becoming more intricate, as even your place cards have to stand out! Place cards in 2018 will range from edible decorations, to plants, vases or even shells, as place cards are now considered as a memento for guests to keep from the big day. They will be made from unexpected materials and become more personalised, replicating the wedding theme, the bride and groom or even the individual guest. So get your creative ideas flowing!

wedding trends 2018
wedding trends 2018

#7 Ultra Violet

Ultra violet was named the Pantone colour of the year, as the shade is beginning to arrive in fashion and home décor trends, as we will also see it included in 2018 weddings. 2017’s colour of the year was a shade of green, as we saw an influx of bides choosing to go green with bouquets, tablescapes and bridesmaid dresses. As next year will be all about purple shades, in florals, dresses and table décor. From lavender, lilac, mauve and violet, there are plenty of palettes to work with in your wedding.

wedding trends 2018

#8 Smaller Weddings

Your guest list is about to be cut and so is your bridal party! 2018 will see an increase in intimate and low-key weddings which focus on immediate family and friends. Bridal parties are expected to be made up of one maid of honour and just one or two bridesmaids in 2018, a huge difference to 2017 which documented a bridal party made up of 13 bridesmaids. But smaller weddings can be more meaningful and half the price!

wedding trends of 2018

#9 New Flavours

Many modern couples are rejecting the traditional 3 course wedding breakfast set menu and are instead selecting their favourite foods. From American-style food trucks, to pizza ovens, sharing platers and big buffets. 2018 is expected to see more variety in wedding cuisine and introduce a new style of wedding menus, which could include sushi, burgers and tacos!

wedding trends 2018

#10 Black Accents

The colour black is traditionally seen as unlucky or morbid at a wedding, with many brides wanting to exclude it from their wedding. However, the gothic trend can be very stylish as it gives a monochromatic twist and was a huge hit on the 2017 runways. As Vera Wang, Marchesa and Reem Acra, all chose to incorporate black accents into their Spring 2018 bridal collections.

Weddings trends 2018
Weddings trends 2018

#11 Wedding Wreaths

Wreaths are normally limited to December weddings, as a festive season tradition. However, wedding wreaths are becoming a popular photo prop and decoration for weddings all year round; they can even be attached to the wedding car. With a bohemian vibe, the rings can be personalised with a message and can include a variety of wild flowers and greenery. Wedding wreaths can also be enlarged to become to a floral installation.

Wedding trends 2018