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2018 trends

7 Fashion Trends From 2018 We Never Want to See Again

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30 December 2018

2018 fashion trends we never want to see again

The overriding theme of 2018 admittedly seems to be ugly fashion – how else could chunky, orthopaedic shoes become so wildly popular?

It very much fits in with the year’s general aesthetic of “more is more.” Subtlety wasn’t really the name of the game if you wanted those Instagram likes.

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9 Pairs Of Shoes To Complete Your Party Season Outfit

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16 December 2018

Christmas shoes

If you’re the kind of girl whose diary is packed with festive invites from late November onwards, you’re going to need a whole host of outfit options for all your evening activities.

From work parties to school pal reunions and festive frolics with your besties, you’ve got every excuse to go all out with a dazzling dress or trendy suit, and dig out your most sparkly bag.

As for shoes, choose wisely and one fabulous pair will see you through party season in style.

The Most Popular Halloween Costume Trends This Year

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25 October 2018

Most Popular Halloween Costume Trends This Year

Over the next week we’re going to be surrounded by spook-tacular costumes and glamoween makeup, but what does it take to be the best dressed ghoul?!

In 2016, by far the most popular costume for women was Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad with her pink and blue pigtails, and there were plenty of ironic Donald Trumps around last year –so what’s going to be big on All Hallows’ Eve this year?

According to the experts, these are going to be the biggest Halloween trends of 2018

10 Haircuts You Need To Try In 2018

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3 January 2018

The biggest hair trends of 2018

The shoulder length lob of 2017 is being replaced by the blunt bob with bangs, as celebrity hairstylists have predicted the biggest hair trends of 2018.

This year your go-to trim may feel a little stale, as stats read that we’ll be bolder in 2018 with more dramatic haircuts and styles. From Katie Holmes’ lengthened pixie cut, to extra-long Char hair, 2018 will be a year of beauty extremes.

11 Fashion Trends You'll Be Following In 2018

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20 December 2017

The Fashion Trends To Following In 2018

We’ve already given hints of what the top 2018 beauty trends will be, but more importantly we need to know what we’ll be wearing in 2018!

With the help of Pinterest predictions and the 2018 runway shows, we’ve created a list of the must-have fashion trends for the next year. Logo tees and sheer socks are still going strong, as plaid, berets and fringing are making a huge comeback.