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Meet The Insta-Famous Influencers At BRIDE Dubai 2018

The Middle East's social media stars are coming to BRIDE

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31 January 2018

Meet The Influencers And Instagram Stars At BRIDE Dubai

Image credit: Instagram/@nohastyleicon

From Kuwaiti style influencer Noha Nabil to Emirati YouTube sensation Taim Al Falasi, BRIDE Dubai 2018 is set to welcome the most followed influencers in the Middle East!

Joining us at the region’s biggest wedding and lifestyle event will be social media influencers and Instagram-famous women from across the Middle East, as they're eager to share their expertise on the wedding industry and beyond. With BRIDE Dubai under a week away, we're excited to reveal which Influencers will be attending the already highly-anticipated event. From the BRIDE Wedding Awards, to Dubai-based couture designers and a million dollar wedding cake, this bridal show is set to impress and inspire once again.

Here are the fashionistas and influencers who will be at BRIDE Dubai 2018, if you're not already following them here's why you should...

Noha Nabil

Dates attending BRIDE: 7th February
Followers: 5M followers

Known as one of the most famous social media influencers in Kuwait, Noha Nabil a mother of three with an engineering degree is also a TV presenter with her own show “Noha Live” on Kuwait's Al Rai TV.

With 5 million followers on Instagram this influencer and social media expert knows how to connect with her following, from her engaging humour to her style advice, we can’t help but scroll through Noha’s street style looks and her beauty recommendations.

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Taim Al Falasi

Dates attending BRIDE: 8th February
Followers: 2.4M followers

At BRIDE Dubai we’re also excited to meet Emirati YouTube and Instagram star Futaim Al Falasi. As one of the top female media influencers in the Middle East, Futaim Al Falasi is a powerful woman in the region, as we can’t to hear her views on the wedding and lifestyle industry.

We love to follow Futaim Al Falasi’s Instagram for her personal tour of Dubai, from food hot spots to where to shop and how to style the perfect selfie; we can’t wait to meet this Emirati influencer!

Mariam Al Yassi

Dates attending BRIDE: 8th February
Followers: 518K

As a designer, influencer and traveller, Mariam Al Yassi is yet another social media star we look forward to meeting at BRIDE Dubai.

We’ve faithfully followed Mariam Al Yassi’s Instagram style and travels, listening to her January sales advice, visiting her favourite restaurants and wishing we owned her collection of Gucci bags. Now we’re eager to hear her thoughts and opinions on all things wedding.

Shamsa of Banat Zayed

Dates attending BRIDE: 8th February
Followers: 161K

As a long-time social media ambassador and blogger, Shamsa AKA @banatzayed was ultimately the UAE’s 1st influencer. She covers fashion, lifestyle, beauty and food, as her unique voice has become valued in the Middle Eastern market.

We follow Shamsa for her luxury bag and shoe collections, her amazing food Instagrams and her love for the UAE. As we can’t wait to discuss the wedding business with her at BRIDE.

Sarah Belhasa of Studio8

Dates attending BRIDE: 7th and 9th February
Followers: 36.3k Followers

Owner of Studio8Fashion and the Vice Chair of Saif Belhasa Group, Sarah Belhasa is a fashion industry expert in the Middle East. As a successful Emirati business woman, Sarah’s tips on the industry will be invaluable, as Studio8Fashion will also be showcased at the event.

We recommend following Studio8 for elegant designs, evening gowns and fairy-tale wedding dresses, as we’re also keen to find out Sarah Belhasa’s secrets on the fashion world.