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Top 15 Most Powerful Beauty Influencers of the Year, Revealed

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20 January 2022

World's Top 15 most influential beauty gurus and makeup influencers of 2021

Cosmetify ranked 15 of the world's most influential beauty influencers, taking in account not just how many followers these YouTube and Instagram beauty gurus have, but also how much money they could be earning from sponsorships and collaborations.

Keep scrolling for the top 15 list, curated based on their YouTube subscribers, estimated earnings per YouTube video, Instagram followers, and estimated Instagram earnings per post.

Style Icon Farhana Bodi Welcomes Us Into Her Home

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4 September 2017

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Fahana Bodi x THE One

A little girl with a dream has the full potential to become a woman with an inspiring vision. This is exactly how Farhana Bodi started her journey. In 2006, Farhana visited Dubai for a fashion show to represent a jewelry brand. This was love at first sight! Farhana loved Dubai and she knew it, one day she will move to this beautiful city to pursue her dreams.

Flash forward to 2017, and the award winning style icon now welcomes us into her home, a home that she shares with her beautiful family, and a home that is designed with love.

Take A Look Inside Mr. Moudz's Beautifully Designed Home

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20 August 2017

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Mr. Moudz X THE One

Mahmoud Sidani, known to many as “Mr. Moudz”, began his career in contemporary and luxury retail as a buyer where his exposure to the international fashion industry led him to become one of the region’s most prominent male social influencers/ bloggers.

And while one may assume that bloggers and fashion influencers are all about materialism, Mr. Moudz proves us wrong.