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15 Saudi Fashion Influencers To Follow

The best street style looks, lifestyle tips and fashion trends from inspiring Saudi women on Instagram

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23 September 2018

Saudi Fashion Influencers

Image credit: Instagram /@fozaza

As Saudi Arabia celebrates its 88th National Day, we highlight KSA’s thriving fashion scene by selecting our top pick of Saudi fashion influencers and bloggers.

Our Insta-feed is full of fashion bloggers, lifestyle gurus, travel enthusiasts and social media influencers hailing from the Middle East. We follow these successful Arab women for trend tips, beauty secrets, street style looks and wanderlust to inspire us –as we particularly love to keep an eye on Saudi fashionistas.

From a Saudi fashion designer with her own clothing line to Saudi’s first couture model, we’ve included the most talented influencers from the Kingdom, who are definitely worth a follow on Instagram.

Whether you’re an aspiring fashion stylist, travel photographer or lifestyle influencer, these Saudi women are sure to inspire you –and keep you up to date with the latest Saudi trends! So here are 15 Saudi Arabian fashion bloggers and influencers to follow, follow, follow…

#1 @dareenalyawar

Followers: 54.6K
Bio: Fashion Consultant, Stylist


#2 @just.bayan

Followers: 146K
Bio: A Saudi Lifestyle Influencer & Entrepreneur


#3 @aramkabbani

Followers: 104K
Bio: Fashion Stylist/Image Consultant
Saudi Arabia


#4 @fozaza

Followers: 618K
Bio: Designer, influencer


#5 @thehala

Followers: 1.7m


#6 @vogueoverdosed

Followers: 87.2K
Bio: Fashion blogger


#7 @stylemesausan

Followers: 112K
Bio: Fashion Blogger, Certified Stylist & Buyer/ Marketer by Degree
Saudi Arabia/Dubai


#8 @rafalsaria

Followers: 90.7K


#9 @styling_diva

Followers: 31.1K
Bio: Certified Fashion Stylist, 1st Saudi Personal Shopper


#10 @hala_alharithy

Followers: 94.4K
Bio: Fashion Stylist/Consultant
Saudi Arabia


#11 @shoesanddrama

Followers: 49.5K
Bio: Creative Director, Fashion Editor & Instigator!


#12 @lama.alakeel

Followers: 428K
Bio: Beauty, Style, Saudi


#13 @njoudsh1

Followers: 1.4m


#14 @taleedah

Followers: 14.6K
Bio: Model


#15 @simihaze

Followers: 834K
Bio: Saudi-born twins/ DJs