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12 of the Best PVC Bags for the Bold and Playful

We're obsessed with these see-through bags currently circulating the catwalk

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22 August 2019

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Clarice Awa

Editor Clarice Awa at ExpatWoman
12 of the Best PVC Bags for the Bold and Playful

The transparent bag trend for the ladies who aren't afraid to show what's going on inside...

We've heard of people wearing their heart on their sleeve, and this year's fashion favourite will have you literally wearing your life on your arm. Transparent bags have been all the rage recently, with fearless women showing that what's on the inside is just as important as what's on the outside.

You can take this playful trend as a way to confidently display what you're packing, or a method to carefully select what you should bring with you.

We've compiled the best see-through PVC bags that might just have you considering jumping into this delightfully bold trend.

#1 Panel Clear Chain Bag

Breezy chic with a block of colour if you're still not ready to commit to the see-through trend. This small, transparent clutch bag is perfect for night outs, especially when it's dark and you don't want to go fishing in your bag for your car keys. It's roomy enough to pack the essentials and little more.
AED 25

#2 Metal Buckle Clear Tote Bag

This clear tote bag is ideal for work, school, and more. The main compartment is spacious enough to store books, laptops, tablets, and other items. Provocatively transparent, it's a gracious and feminine take on the trend.
AED 73

#3 Clear Bag With Inner Pouch

We love this pastel pink number. It gives the illusion of a PVC bag without being one - a sneaky way to take a piece of the trend without actually displaying everything you're packing.
AED 36

#4 Studded Detail Tote Bag With Inner Clutch

Embrace the edgy lifestyle with this iridescent and embellished piece. Walking the line between rock and roll rebel and glamorous queen, it's an aesthetic many would love on their arm. The additional pouch gives a secure option if you've still got a few things to hide from the world. Pair it with some denim ripped jeans and a graphic tee to complete the look.
AED 55

#5 Faux Snakeskin Strap Clear Backpack

Don't head to a concert or music festival without this PVC backpack! It's a glamorous addition to any exciting weekend plans.
AED 47.75

#6 Clear Plaid Tote Bag

For those who are in love with the country, picnic aesthetic, this one is for you. The lovely plaid design will make any menu look the part - fruits, drinks, etc.
AED 33

#7 Grey-Green Clear Chain Bag With Inner Pouch

The blend of the transparent clutch bag with the delicate, floral inner pouch makes for a sophisticated choice.
AED 58

#8 Print Satchel Bag With Inner Pouch

"Fall In Love" - that's what we felt with this metal-handle, petite bag that's perfect for keeping your phone, wallet, notebook, keys, and extras.
AED 44

#9 PVC Bag With Guitar Strap

Sport a quirky 1970s kitsch with this colourful bag. Be prepared to get asked a million times, "Where did you buy that?"
AED 55

#10 Clear Bag With Inner Straw Plaited Pouch

Effortlessly boho chic, this beige PVC bag comes with a straw pouch to match any summer wardrobe.
AED 55

#11 Transparent Heart Chain Crossbody Bag

We love this see-through, heart-shaped bag that's perfect for any daring woman who isn't afraid to wear her heart on her sleeve - literally and figuratively.
AED 29

#12 Oversized Buckle Transparent Handbag

The oversized buckle and black detailings give a stark and stunning element to this PVC bag's shape. Combine it with an urban look for that ideal downtown aesthetic.
AED 51

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