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5 Style Rules Petite Women Should Follow – According To An Expert

Fashion brand found Jennifer Ison shares her advice.

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13 December 2018

Style Rules for Petite Women

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Standing at 5ft 1in inch tall and working in the corporate world, Jennifer Ison knew all too well how difficult it is for shorter women to find clothes on the high street that fit well.

In fact, so was so convinced of the gap in the market that she quit her high-flying law career in 2017 to set up womenswear brand Jennifer Anne, which specialises in clothing for those 5ft 3in and under.

Confirming what Ison already knew, research commissioned by the label reveals that 63% of petite women in the UK feel their needs are not catered for by the fashion industry, in terms of range and proportions, making shopping a stressful experience.

“Too often the so-called small sizes don’t fit, the waist sits too low, the body is too long, the shoulders too wide,” she says. “Don’t even mention the sleeves or trouser lengths.”

Style Rules for Petite Women

Jennifer Ison, founder of Jennifer Anne (Jennifer Anne/PA)

But it doesn’t have to be that way, Ison insists. She believes that if you know where to shop and follow a few basic rules, you can achieve petite perfection. Here are her five key fashion tips for shorter ladies…

1. Follow The Rule of Thirds

Follow the rule of thirds: Placing colour at the top third draws the eye up and makes you look taller.

Choosing a V-neck instead of a polo neck can make a real difference, adding length to your upper body.

2. Beware Baggy Clothes

“A tailored style is the real friend of petites – avoid baggy clothes as these can make you look heavier and shorter.

If in doubt, tuck in. When you wear anything too long or baggy, you can look swamped in fabric, but if you tuck your top in, it lengthens your legs and draws attention to your waist.”

3. Make it Monochrome

“Go for monochrome dressing, this is a chic and sophisticated look and a great way to elongate your frame.

“You don’t have to avoid long styles. One stretch of fabric worn from head-to-toe can actually make you look taller, but think about wearing a belt to draw attention to your waist and avoid anything too floaty or fussy.

4. Use Print Sparingly

“Choose wisely when it comes to large and loud patterns – these can often be overwhelming on a petite woman.

“That said, vertical stripes or subtle checks can be really flattering and tend to elongate.”

5. High Waists Work Wonders

High-waisted trousers or skirts are the most flattering for the petite figure.

“When you wear straight fitting trousers or jeans, try and show some ankle, as it draws the eye down and visually adds inches.”