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5 Style Rules Petite Women Should Follow – According To An Expert

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13 December 2018

Style Rules for Petite Women

Standing at 5ft 1in inch tall and working in the corporate world, Jennifer Ison knew all too well how difficult it is for shorter women to find clothes on the high street that fit well.

In fact, so was so convinced of the gap in the market that she quit her high-flying law career in 2017 to set up womenswear brand Jennifer Anne, which specialises in clothing for those 5ft 3in and under.

Want To Be A Dubai Fashion Blogger? Listen To This Fashion Expert...

Posted on

30 October 2017

Fashion Forward Dubai talk on fashion bloggers with Godfrey Deeney

Anna Wintour famously once said "You either know fashion or you don't" and truer words have never been spoken.

The world of fashion bloggersis a tough one to crack, with industry leaders constantly battling for the top spot and up-and-coming designers pushing boundaries to compete against each other. This makes it difficult to be a fashion blogger in Dubai but luckily Fashion Forward Dubai offered some top tips to help.