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6 Girly Trends That Guys HATE

Men...they just don't understand us

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8 January 2017

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5 Girly Trends That Guys HATE

Most of us have probably said, "I dress for me, not for men" at some point in our lives. Fashion is a fun way to express your individuality and shouldn't be dictated by anyone else. However, if you are even remotely into the opposite sex - you have tried to turn heads with the way you dress.

And if you are doing so - here are 6 girly trends that are universally hated by men that you might want to avoid:

1. Peplum

In theory, a peplum top/dress sounds like a great idea - an extra piece of fabric to cover your belly. However, most guys look at peplum as maternity wear.

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2. Gladiator sandals

Most guys find gladiator sandals ugly and abominable because of all the straps and buckles. A regular guy's shoe motto? Less is more!

3. High-waisted jeans/ shorts

We recently overheard a guy compare girls in high-waisted shorts to 'babies in diapers'. Enough said.

4. Floppy hats

While we feel like we are channelling our inner J-Lo when we wear huge floppy hats, guys just find them too big, too distracting and too annoying.

5. Acrylic nails/ Over-the-top nail art

Most guys are not going to pay attention to your nails unless they are too long/flashy. Guys see long nails as a sign of danger and the thought of getting poked and scratched by pointy claws is never fun. Also, as much as you love your flashy, glittery nail art - 9/10 guys hate it.

6. Wedges

As comfortable as wedges are, most men think we've strapped blocks of wood to our feet when we wear these!