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6 Girly Trends That Guys HATE

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8 January 2017

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5 Girly Trends That Guys HATE

Most of us have probably said, "I dress for me, not for men" at some point in our lives. Fashion is a fun way to express your individuality and shouldn't be dictated by anyone else. However, if you are even remotely into the opposite sex - you have tried to turn heads with the way you dress.

And if you are doing so - here are 6 girly trends that are universally hated by men that you might want to avoid:

32 It-Girl Party Outfits

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22 December 2016

30 Party Outfit Ideas

The party season has begun and New Year's Eve is right around the corner! This is the best time to dress up, try something new and get downright creative with your look.

Here are 32 party outfit ideas if you haven't started shopping yet!

5 Gilmore Girls Tees You Need!

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27 November 2016

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gilmore girls a year in the life of 2016

If you are like us and spent your weekend binge watching the Gilmore Girls revival you are probably feeling two things right now: unbelievable shock at those last four words and major withdrawals now that the series is over.

Here to aid your nostalgia are 5 Gilmore Girls tees any die-hard fan will love!

9 Best Bridal Accounts on Instagram

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13 November 2016

best bridal accounts instagram

Weddings are a celebration of love and a source of joy. They are also a pain in the derriere to plan. The most exciting yet terrifying part of the wedding planning process is picking the dress. The pictures you take in THE DRESS are probably going to be the most important pictures you ever take. Which is why you want the dress to be classy, timeless, flattering and elegant. You also want it to be sexy but not too sexy, classic but not boring, and fashionable but not weird. Are we asking for the moon here?

Grandpa Makes Modelling Debut at 79

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6 November 2016

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Wang Deshun

The fashion industry is obsessed with youth. On an average, models start their career by 14/15 and are considered old by the time they turn 28/29. And so, the story of Wang Deshun comes as a huge surprise.

Dubbed as China's hottest grandpa, Deshun, an actor by profession, made his modelling debut at the China Fashion Week at the age of 79 for designer Hu Sheguang. His physique caused a national sensation.