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9 Bridal Boutiques And Designers To Follow On Instagram

Wedding dress inspo = sorted

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13 November 2016

best bridal accounts instagram

Weddings are a celebration of love and a source of joy. They are also a pain in the derriere to plan. The most exciting yet terrifying part of the wedding planning process is picking the dress. The pictures you take in THE DRESS are probably going to be the most important pictures you ever take. Which is why you want the dress to be classy, timeless, flattering and elegant. You also want it to be sexy but not too sexy, classic but not boring, and fashionable but not weird. Are we asking for the moon here?

To prevent you from going into bridezilla mode and make the wedding planning process a wee bit easier, we bring you the best bridal accounts on Instagram:

1. @marchesafashion

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2. @houghtonnyc

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3. @lauredesagazan

4. @rimearodaky

5. @loho_bride

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6. @naeemkhanbride

7. @elisehameau

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8. @samuellecouture

9. @odylynetheceremony