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6 Things About Rihanna's Diverse and Savage X Fenty Fashion Show

Some are saying Rihanna has well and truly snatched Victoria’s Secret’s crown with this performance

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22 September 2019

6 Things About Rihanna's Diverse and Savage X Fenty Fashion Show

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Where would we be without Rihanna?

She’s single-handedly helped massively change the beauty industry, and now she’s solidified her title as Queen of Lingerie with an epic Savage x Fenty fashion show.

For New York Fashion Week, the 31-year-old singer and businesswoman put on a showcase for her lingerie brand, but it was so much more than a few models walking up and down a catwalk. And it’s now streaming on Amazon Prime, giving us a front row seat to the September 10 show at Brooklyn’s Barclays Centre.

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This is what we learned from the Savage x Fenty extravaganza…

1. It was inclusive and diverse

Rihanna’s first Savage x Fenty show was more of a traditional runway show, but still broke boundaries by featuring a diverse range of models – which has become central to what Rihanna does. She said: “We’re exploring a lot of different sizes and making women feel like they’re not excluded because they’re a different size – every woman deserves to feel sexy.”

This ethos continued in the latest show, which sees models and dancers of every size and colour – a rare sight in the world of fashion and lingerie.

When casting (as seen in the Amazon Prime stream), Rihanna says: “I’m looking for unique characteristics in people that aren’t usually highlighted in the world of fashion as it pertains to lingerie and ‘sexy’, what society sees as sexy.”

All types of women were represented onstage

Trans models like Teddy Quinlivan and Laverne Cox were front and centre, as well as models on crutches, and Lauren Wasser, who has prosthetic legs, also made an appearance.

The Victoria’s Secret show organisers might want to take note.

Laverne Cox showing off her moves

2. It was more than just a fashion show

Rihanna said of the show: “We should think of it like a fashion musical.” And that’s exactly what it is: Dancers, models and performers all melded together for one seamless spectacular.

Gigi Hadid stomps across the stage, leading into a Big Sean performance, and even while models are walking there is still dancing happening somewhere.

The scale of the show is also amazing – more than 40 models feature, alongside countless dancers and musicians. It’s incredible to fathom how they managed to pull it off.

3. It was star-studded

If Rihanna asks you to perform in her show, who wouldn’t say yes?

Fashion heavyweights Cara Delevingne, Gigi and Bella Hadid, Joan Smalls, Alek Wek and Slick Woods all starred, plus there were musical performances from DJ Khaled, Migos, Big Sean, Fat Joe and Halsey.

Cara Delevingne made a rare runway appearance

4. The choreography was wild

New Zealand choreographer Parris Goebel was behind the show’s incredible dance routines. Rihanna’s only appearance (other than taking a quick bow) was a strong and powerful opening dance sequence – and there’s nothing dainty or romantic about any of the moves.

Instead, the dancing throughout is strong and dynamic – particularly Normani’s sequence to Sean Paul’s Get Busy.

The set is suitably extra to match, featuring multiple levels and different places for dancers to pop up. At one point Migos performs in a circular pool of water, as you do.

The set was unlike any other fashion show

5. As was the make-up

Rihanna is a true multi-hyphenate, so obviously she brought some of her other specialisms to the show. The models were made up using products from Fenty Beauty, and the looks were truly stand-out.

Many had glitter tears running down their cheeks, ultra-shiny lipgloss, smoky eyes and shiny bodies – it was as much an advertisement for Fenty Beauty as it was for Savage x Fenty.

Gigi Hadid modelling one of the make-up looks

6. This wasn’t your average lingerie

The Savage x Fenty show was such an extravagant performance it’s easy to forget it’s still a fashion show selling lingerie. And there really is underwear for everyone in the collection: Whether you like tiny bras and knickers, more coverage, babydoll dresses, or even tights and gloves to match.

Models backstage at the show

Featuring each style on a range of different body types means everyone has an opportunity to see themselves in the lingerie – a seriously smart marketing move if you want people to buy your stuff.

Everything from the Savage x Fenty show is available to buy online now.