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A Definitive(ish) Ranking of All the Animal Prints

It’s not good news for snakeskin.

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20 May 2019

A Definitive(ish) Ranking of All the Animal Prints

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Fashion is a deeply personal thing, with people choosing to wear what they love and what makes them feel good.

Opinions on what actually counts as stylish wildly differ, and are often dictated by current trends (seriously, who decided fanny packs slung over your body was a good look?).

Animal prints are as divisive a fashion statement as any. Whether it’s a leopard print or snakeskin, some people love them and others hate them. FYI, we’re just talking about the patterns here, and aren’t really into using an actual animal’s hide for fashion.

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However, we’re here to tell you there is a definitive(ish) ranking of animal prints in the fashion world. Hopefully our (admittedly totally subjective) list will help clear up any further questions on the matter…

God tier: Cow print

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vienna, ya moody? #cowprint #earthytones #moodysky

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Sure, cow print might not be the most common animal print, but we’re here to tell you it’s the best. Cows aren’t exactly the sexiest beasts in the animal kingdom, but they’re gentle, friendly and cute – what’s not to like?

A decade ago, the print was pretty much only seen in cow-themed onesies people wore when they were off school sick, but it’s since had a much chicer makeover.

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If you’re happy and you know clap your hands

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All over Instagram, people have started sporting cow-print clothes in a way that’s low-key, yet super stylish. It’s a trend which reached the mainstream when Kylie Jenner wore a one-piece swimsuit with the pattern in January, but it’s clear this is a timeless design, rather than a passing fad.

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I'm not a cat, I don't say meow

A post shared by OANH (@oanhdaqueen) on Jan 26, 2019 at 6:51am PST

The best thing about this print is it’s simplicity, which means it’s easy to pull off and suits almost anyone. If you’re nervous about the trend, start with a cow print manicure and then go all-in on a shirt or jacket when you’re feeling a bit more confident.

Meh tier: Leopard print

Jorja Smith and Nadine Shah

Leopard print is basically the OG of all animal-inspired fashion. It might be classic, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. For us, leopard print is difficult, because it can go two ways – and either be extremely cute or extremely not. If you pull it off, it can be stylish, sassy and just the right amount of playful.

Katy Perry

But when it goes wrong, it really goes wrong. It’s got a history of trying to be ‘sexy’, and no one really wants to look like they’re trying too hard. Even if you’re wearing some pricey garms, poorly-executed leopard can end up looking tacky, or like you’re auditioning for Joan Collins’ role in Dynasty.

Theresa May

And a final word of advice: Steer clear of leopard print kitten heels unless you want to end up looking like Theresa May.

Low tier: Tiger print

Tiger print

Tiger print finds itself in a similar dilemma. It can very easily look rather chintzy. If you want to tackle this print, we recommend using a backdrop of unusual and non-tigerish colours, like greens or blues, because then it just looks like a jazzy geometric pattern.

Tiger print

Bad tier: Snakeskin

David Beckham

We hate to break it to you, but snakeskin is really the worst of all the animal prints. Everything about it – from the texture to the colour – is off, and we find it hard not to look at the pattern and feel uncomfortable.

Amanda Holden

When it comes to prints, it really seems like the simpler options are the most effective. Snakeskin has just too much going on.

Maybe it’s because snakeskin was really popular in the Nineties and Noughties, but there’s something about it which feels really dated now. Who knows, maybe it’s due a fashionable update sometime soon?

Miscellaneous tier: Zebra print

Joanna Lumley

It might shock you to learn, but we have no real opinions on zebra print. It’s something you rarely see, so it’s hard to know whether it can be pulled off or not.

Even though it’s not exactly the most ubiquitous of prints, what we do know is Joanna Lumley looks cracking in it. Maybe she’s the only one who should be allowed to wear it?