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Different Street Style Looks From the Latest Fashion Weeks

As the New York, London, Milan and Paris fashion weeks wrap up, we take a look back at all of the style moments that happened off the catwalk

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30 September 2019

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Different Street Style Looks Between the Latest Fashion Weeks

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What you wear to attend fashion week is just as important – if not more so – than the outfits being sent down the catwalk.

The streets outside venues turn into impromptu runways, and show-goers pull no punches with their carefully-curated outfits. New York, London, Milan and Paris all have their very distinctive vibe when it comes to the fashion shows, and the same goes for the style on the streets.

Some things overlap – such as a love of suits and big headbands – but there are also many differences. Here’s a rundown of how sartorial personalities looked in each major fashion hub, and the trends each city is championing this season…

New York

September in New York is a tricky time to dress for – it tends to be warm, but you need to be prepared for surprise showers or sudden cooler weather.

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As this is the Big Apple, neutral tones rule: either beiges, creams or black. However, this doesn’t mean the style is uptight. NYFW is less prim and proper than the likes of Paris and Milan, with show-goers happier to wear bike shorts and jeans than they would be on the continent. But – obviously – everything is still designer.

Blazers ruled supreme – either matched to suit trousers or oversized, worn over slinky dresses. The accessory of the season was undoubtedly an impractically small handbag – preferably Jacquemus.

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Sleeves, in general, were big. Whether they were on 80s style blazers or long prairie dresses, the more voluminous your shoulders and sleeves, the better. Knitwear was also a new trend to come out of NYFW – a sensual, stylish version of your grandpa’s cardigan, most likely inspired by the matching knit and bra set Katie Holmes recently went viral for wearing. Pair your chic knitwear with a solid pair of jeans, and you’ve got the NYFW look.

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Colours were noticeably brighter on the streets of London for fashion week. You couldn’t miss a fashionista walking by – not only were colours popping, but there was a whole lot of clashing patterns happening as well.

Colours were noticeably brighter

The current love for all kinds of suiting prevailed in the capital, and pastels were the go-to shade. Londoners at fashion week like being both dressed up and dressed down at the same time – think formal dresses with sneakers or a structured skirt and designer bag with an old-school windbreaker over the top. With any of these outfits, thick, padded headbands and skinny sunglasses were a must.

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Love for all kinds

It’s fair to say that there are more risk-takers in London compared to New York. Whilst NYC is about effortless cool, London is more down for sartorially pushing the boat out.

Love for all kinds

There was a lot of leather and neck scarves this year in Milan, as well as a must-have tiny bag.

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These aren’t the same clashing patterns as London – the colours are certainly a lot less fluorescent – and the eclectic style of Milan is more streamlined. A classic Italian look would be leather boots paired with a pleated skirt and a checkered belted blazer. It’s essentially cosplay as an extremely rich widower from the 50s, and we love how OTT it is.


Last but not least is Paris Fashion Week, the most formal event of the month. The street style looks here are less about experimentation or athleisure, and more about uber-luxe chicness.

This means everyone was wearing luxurious materials – the kind you want to reach out and touch, like feathers, velvet, leather, and lace. The style of Paris definitely skews more feminine than other fashion weeks with lots of chiffon and long skirts, but tailoring and sharp suits were still popular.

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This season, a surprising trend to come out of PFW was plaid. Rather than wearing lumberjack shirts though, show-goers were doing plaid the grown-up way – on perfectly tailored suits or structured dresses.