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Dos And Donts Of Wearing Over-The-Knee Boots

Stay away from the “Pretty Woman” zone

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17 October 2016

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how to wear over the knee boots

image credit: Kylie Jenner/Angel Brinks/Instagram

Over-the-knee/ thigh high boots have got a bad rep over the years, partially due to Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman and partially due to how intimidating they can seem to pull off. However, winter 2014 saw the return and revamp of this trend and it has stayed put since.

Believe us, there is an over-the-knee boot style that is flattering for everyone (yes, everyone) – you just need to know how to style it. This is what to do and what not to do when it comes to styling over-the-knee boots:


1. Consider the shape of your own legs. Curvier girls should opt for heeled over-the-knee boots as it lengthens the legs, whereas tall girls can go for the flat version.
2. Keep the silhouette of the outfit in mind. Over-the-knee boots are tight and form-fitting, which means that the rest of the outfit should be loose and flowy to create contrast.
3. Consider a dress with sleeves or an over-sized sweater dress. The covered look is a nice contrast to the risqué nature of the boots.

Here's a DO example - Kylie Jenner wearing a t-shirt for a dress and still making it work with her green thigh high boots.

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1. Let the skin showing between your boots and your hemline exceed 5 inches.
2. NEVER pair over-the-knee boots with a tight mini skirt. In case the other tips weren't blunt enough, this will send the wrong message since the boots are provocative enough on their own.
3. Forget about comfort. Over-the-boots can limit your range of motion so make sure you can walk in them. Nothing says unsexy like a woman who can’t walk in her shoes.

DON'T example - Only Angel Brinks can explain what was going on in her mind when she chose to don these monstrosities that she also designed.

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