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Why It’s Actually Acceptable to Wear Trainers to Work

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3 September 2019

Why it’s Actually Acceptable to Wear Trainers to Work

Long gone are the days when trainers were only for the gym. Now sneakers are everywhere, and the fashion crowd have swapped their stilettos for Nikes.

Trainers might have the high fashion seal of approval, but many people are still nervous about wearing comfy kicks to the office.

Sneakers don’t exactly have a reputation for being smart or formal – first and foremost they’re designed to run and jump about in, which doesn’t really scream ‘office wear’.

23 Shoes You'll Want to Wear on Your Wedding Day

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18 June 2019

23 Shoes You'll Want To Wear on Your Wedding Day

You're sure to fall in love with one of these gorgeous pairs!

Your own wedding is something you'll remember for the rest of your life. You'll forever treasure the memories you make and the pictures you take, so having a dress and pair of shoes that make you feel like the beautiful bride you are is important.

Here are 23 different pairs of shoes that we think will look amazing on your feet as you walk down the aisle.

5 Footwear Trends to Be Seen in This Summer

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26 May 2019

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5 Footwear Trends to Be Seen in This Summer

Have you booked your pre-summer pedi yet? Or at least picked up a pair of those frighteningly effective exfoliating socks that magically cause all the dead skin on your feet to peel off?

It’s time to get your tootsies ready for the big reveal, because soon it’ll be warm enough to whip off your socks and slip on some sandals – hurrah!

It also gives us the excuse to stock up on the latest footwear trends, which this summer are heavily influenced by the Nineties.

9 Pairs Of Shoes To Complete Your Party Season Outfit

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16 December 2018

Christmas shoes

If you’re the kind of girl whose diary is packed with festive invites from late November onwards, you’re going to need a whole host of outfit options for all your evening activities.

From work parties to school pal reunions and festive frolics with your besties, you’ve got every excuse to go all out with a dazzling dress or trendy suit, and dig out your most sparkly bag.

As for shoes, choose wisely and one fabulous pair will see you through party season in style.

Fashion Label Launch $10K Boots Made To Look Like Human Skin

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29 October 2018

Canadian brand Fecal Matter, Human Skin Boots

Canadian brand Fecal Matter has designed a bizarre pair of boots that resemble human flesh. The thigh high boots come with individual toes, devil horns and bone shaped heels, which make them perfect for Halloween!

But no, this isn’t a spooky spoof as the unique shoes are priced at a huge $10,000 (AED 36,732). The skin-like boots are made from silicon to match real-life legs, complete with blemishes, skin tone and moles.

12 Emotional Stages Of Wearing Heels On A Night Out

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24 October 2018

Emotional Stages Of Wearing Heels

We all know that 98% of our high-heel-wearing nights end with us walking along the pavement barefoot, stilettos in hand, wishing we’d just worn Converse instead.

It’s basic maths: The thinner and higher the heel, the less time you’ll spend in them. Yet every weekend, many of us start the night fully optimistic that we’ll feel like Beyoncé strutting around on stage all night.

Here are the many stages of hell every woman’s been through wearing high heels on a night out…