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Fashion Label Launch $10K Boots Made To Look Like Human Skin

Yes, they're just as creepy as they sound!

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29 October 2018

Canadian brand Fecal Matter, Human Skin Boots

Instagram @matieresfecales

Canadian brand Fecal Matter has designed a bizarre pair of boots that resemble human flesh. The thigh high boots come with individual toes, devil horns and bone shaped heels, which make them perfect for Halloween!

But no, this isn’t a spooky spoof as the unique shoes are priced at a huge $10,000 (AED 36,732). The skin-like boots are made from silicon to match real-life legs, complete with blemishes, skin tone and moles.

The designers behind the brand Fecal Matter, Hannah Rose Dalton and Steven Raj Bhaskaran, started the boots as creations made on Photoshop before turning their creepy vision a reality.

However, the reality of human skin boots has divided the internet –so are they are work of art, or are they disturbing?!

Fecal Matter Human Skin Shoes

Instagram @matieresfecales

Steven Raj Bhaskaran described the boots as an ‘alien look,’ that sits in line with the brand's idea of what people will look like as a result of body modification, the influence of social media and the advancement of technology. Which actually makes the boots less disturbing, and more relatable.

The boots that blend into the skin are not only creepy, but also extremely difficult to walk in. The plastic platform and bone shaped heel looks like a killer! But Bhaskaran thinks they are worth it –branding the shoe as a wearable custom art piece.

We can agree that fashion can be art, look at Chanel. But, we’re not so sure about the future of high-high skin heels. What do you think?

Human Skin Boots by Fecal Matter

Instagram @matieresfecales