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The World's Most Expensive Shoes Step Into Dubai

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26 September 2018

World’s Most Expensive Shoes Step Into Dubai

Dubai is home to the world’s tallest building, the world’s biggest mall and the world’s only seven star hotel –so the world’s most expensive shoes are the perfect fit for this city.

Jada Dubai are already known for designing extravagant shoes, but now they’ve collaborated with Dubai’s Passion Jewellers to create the fanciest footwear ever. The special stilettos are made from solid gold, decorated with 236 diamonds and flash two flawless 15-karat diamonds at their toe.

Where Art Meets Shoes: Watch This Incredible Body Illusion

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24 September 2018

Shoe Body Art

Emerging talents in shoe design were recently showcased at the leading international footwear fair MICAM, which is held in Italy’s fashion capital Milan. For the 86th edition of the event, artist Johannes Stoetter created an illusion that made us double take as painted bodies posed artfully as shoes!

The shoe fair appeared to showcase wonderful high heels in rich reds and on trend animal prints which instantly caught the eye of shoe lovers and shopaholics at the event. However, it was all an illusion…

Which Pair Of Shoes Would Your Favourite Celebrity Be?

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16 August 2017

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Celebrities' favourite shoes

“Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world.”

The woman who said these words of wisdom is the ultimate style icon, Marilyn Monroe. The 1950s blonde diva wasn’t just famous for her flirty white dress but also for her glam collection of Salvatore Ferragamo heels.

A bit haute, a bit flirty and a whole lot sexy — her Italian designer heels perfectly defined her style sense and personality.

What Your Favourite Pair Of Shoes Says About You

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7 August 2017

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What Your Favourite Pair Of Shoes Says About You

People make assessments about other people in mere seconds. Even before you have said a word, the person standing opposite you has an impression of you - thanks to your appearance.

How you dress matters immensely and shoes make up a huge part of your overall appearance. And whether you're the kinda girl you can't live without her 6-inch Louboutins or the girl who wouldn't trade her ballet flats for the world, here's what your favourite pair of shoes says about you.

Sarah Jessica Parker Calls These Shoes 'Sneakers'

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29 May 2017

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sarah jessica parker collection sneakers

Sarah Jessica Parker (SJP) is the undisputed queen of fashion girls around the world.

And when a fashion girl designs a pair of sneakers, you best believe they are not your basic sneakers. SJP recently announced an exciting new launch for her brand: Sneakers. Or, at least, that's what she's calling them.

The SJP Collection Meteor shoe ($255) is a T-Strap flat that "sparkles like the night sky".

10 Ridiculously Expensive Shoes You Can't Afford

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23 February 2017

image credit: TheRichest/YouTube

We’ve all paid some pretty steep prices for the shoes we’ve badly wanted. But rest assured, the amount you’ve spent is nowhere near the insane prices that some people have paid to buy their dream shoes.

So what makes some a pair of shoes so unbelievably expensive? Of course, diamonds. Lots and lots of studded diamonds, celebrities, sports personalities and the world's wizardly shoe-designers.

Blake Lively Is Obsessed With Shoes — Here's Proof

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19 February 2017

image credit: blakelively/Instagram

We’ve written essays (literally) on her effortless fashion sense, applauded her cheeky sense of humour and gawked at her post-baby body transformation. But somehow we failed to notice Blake Lively's insane shoe collection that can rival that of the Kardashian clan –(combined!).

The Gossip Girl star loves to show off her killer stilettoes, comfy sneakers and funky wedges on Instagram. And a little Google-ing reveals that her love for high heels goes way back to her Serena days.

10 Weirdest Shoes You Would Never Wear IRL

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11 January 2017

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image credit: TheTalko/YouTube

If you think Lady Gaga has shown you all there is when it comes to bizarre shoe fashion then you’re wrong. The fashion industry is full of eccentric designers who continue to crank out some of the wackiest (not in a good way) shoes you’ve ever seen.

Now this doesn’t mean we don’t support creative and out-of-the-box talent. We are all in for chic and edgy trends like boyfriend shoes, huge block heels and patterned heels. But would we put our feet into a pair of octopus tentacles or hooves? No, thank you.