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10 Ridiculously Expensive Shoes You Can't Afford

Heels worth $3 million!

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23 February 2017

Video credit: TheRichest/YouTube

We’ve all paid some pretty steep prices for the shoes we’ve badly wanted. But rest assured, the amount you’ve spent is nowhere near the insane prices that some people have paid to buy their dream shoes.

So what makes some a pair of shoes so unbelievably expensive? Of course, diamonds. Lots and lots of studded diamonds, celebrities, sports personalities and the world's wizardly shoe-designers.

You can't put a price tag on passion and that goes for shopaholics who readily spend thousands to buy shoes worn and signed by their favourite sports stars. But it requires an insane level of shoe-love and bank accounts with endless zeros to buy the world's most expensive and exclusive shoes.

From futuristic Nike sneakers to Stuart Weitzman's Rita Hayworth heels, popular YouTube channel, @TheRichest has curated a list of 10 such pairs of shoes that 99.5 percent of the world can't afford.