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Gucci’s Latest Fashion Show Makes a Pro-Choice Statement

Creative director Alessandro Michele’s Gucci Cruise collection looks at freedom of choice.

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30 May 2019

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Gucci’s Latest Fashion Show Makes a Pro-Choice Statement

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A major fashion show in May is unexpected – after all, Fashion Weeks fall in February and September – but this doesn’t mean inbetween season cruise collections aren’t important.

Gucci’s annual cruise collection has made a splash in particular – and the spectacle was as moody and powerful as we’ve come to expect from creative director Alessandro Michele.

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The backdrop might have been ancient, but the themes of the outfits dealt with decidedly modern issues.

The overarching idea behind the show was freedom of choice, and Michele went bold – one blazer had the words, ‘My body my choice’, across the back.

On Gucci’s Instagram page, the brand notes: “This piece echoes the Creative Director’s continuing vision of freedom, equality and self-expression,” and that they have a “longstanding commitment to women and girls by funding projects around the world to support sexual and reproductive rights, maternal health, and the freedom of individual choice.”

This message is particularly relevant in light of Alabama’s new near-total abortion ban, which has come under public scrutiny in recent weeks.

One of the outfits featured in the Gucci show featured an embroidered uterus and the luxury fashion house showed its support for Chime for Change – a global campaign the company founded in 2013 which aims to “convene, unite and strengthen the voices speaking out for gender equality.”

Other outfits in the collection are emblazoned with the date abortion was legalised in Italy “May 22, 1978”, where Michele is from.

In terms of the fashion, everything had a strong Seventies vibe to it. Think big glasses with yellow lenses and retro patterns – and it definitely helped that Seventies style icon Elton John was sitting on the front row.

The Seventies feel was more than just aesthetic, too. On Twitter Michele wrote: “There is a strong reference to the 1970s because in this time women, through what they wore, freed themselves of everything enforced on them from previous centuries.”

Even though the fashion was as eclectic and well put-together as we’ve come to expect from Gucci, there’s no doubt this collection will be remembered largely for its message and the conversations it sparks.