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How To Walk In Heels Without Pain

Do heels always have to hurt?

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11 October 2016

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walk in heels without pain

Heels – we love them, we hate them. We love the way they look, we hate the way they feel. But do they always have to hurt?

If the shoe fits...

It will be easier to walk in. Sounds pretty obvious, but it’s surprising that the most common mistake women make is not picking the right shoe size for their foot. Your foot size changes over the years, so get your feet sized once a year, and do it if you’ve never had it done.

Heel, toe...heel,toe

With flip-flops and flats, your heel and toe touch the ground at almost the same time, but if you walk the same way in heels it is going to look like you are marching (not about that life). Always place your heel on the ground first, followed by your toe. And remember, practice makes perfect.

Shoe inserts are going to be your new BFF

They are called metatarsal or ball of the foot pads (we call them foot cushions). They are oval-shaped pads that go under the ball of the foot, usually made from a silicone gel. They help with soreness and keeping your foot steady.

Remember not all heels are equal

6 inch stilettoes are most definitely going to be more painful than 4 inch platform pumps. Some shoes are simply going to be more painful than others – it’s your battle to choose!

And finally, the (magic) trick to no pain

Here’s a little trick you can use when you are experiencing a lot of pain mid-way through an event (haven’t we all?). Run your feet under water (preferably cold) and then put some hand lotion on them while they are still damp. The lotion seals in the moisture of the cold water and lubricates against any sore spots. This little trick will give you additional 3-4 hours of wear.