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Louis Vuitton Just Launched a Video Game & Here's How You Can Play It

High fashion has entered the arena!

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4 August 2021

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Clarice Awa

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Louis Vuitton video game in the UAE

At face value, a Louis Vuitton video game sounds as compatible as oil and water. And it'd be hard to argue that the audience is the same. Almost anyone can install a gaming app on their phone and play it, while very few can afford a Louis Vuitton piece.

But video games have long been interested in couture. Titles like 'Bayonetta', 'Soul Calibur', and 'Castlevania' feature some of the most stylish fictional characters on-screen, and that's just naming a few.

Now that gaming has established its place as a major industry, with consumer and investment money pouring in and massive audiences ranging from children to adults, it makes sense that fashion wants a slice of that cake.

What is the Louis Vuitton video game?

Louis Vuitton video game in the UAE

After cementing itself as a fashion powerhouse worldwide, Louis Vuitton has now set its sights on your smartphone.

"Louis: The Game" is a mobile game following LV's protagonist, Vivienne, through six different worlds.

The game was launched as a celebration of the 200th anniversary of Monsieur Louis Vuitton's birthday on August 4, 1821, the founder of the namesake fashion house in Paris.

You will play as Vivienne, use unique abilities, and collect 200 candles to commemorate the founder's 200th birthday. Each candle will unlock stories about the history and journeys of Louis Vuitton, his family, and the French maison.

Players will get to explore beautifully-designed worlds inspired by the fashion brand.

How to download the Louis Vuitton mobile game

The new mobile game, Louis: The Game, is available in both the Emirati App Store (for iOS 12 or later) and UAE Google Play.

Louis Vuitton video game in the UAE

While it's the first mobile game to come out of the legendary fashion brand, it's not the first time Louis Vuitton entered the video game industry.

In 2019, Louis Vuitton collaborated with "League of Legends", a popular competitive, real-time video game that has its own professional e-sports scene with prize pools of up to USD 1,000,000 (around AED 3,672,500).

LV's creative director Nicolas Ghesquière worked alongside League of Legends artists to produce in-game cosmetics, as well as a limited edition real capsule collection of accessories, boots, and clothing for fans to wear.

Qiyana, a playable melee character in the video game, received a makeover on her in-game weapon which was decorated with LV’s famous monogram.