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Levi's Launches Studio Ghibli Collection at the Dubai Mall

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24 August 2023

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Levi's Studio Ghibli collaboration available at the Dubai Mall

Available exclusively at the Dubai Mall Levi's branch.

When Studio Ghibli released Princess Mononoke in 1997, the epic historical fantasy film captivated audiences while breaking box office records.

Today, Hayao Miyazaki’s film is considered an animated masterpiece, beloved around the world for its breathtaking animation style and timeless themes about saving the environment.

Louis Vuitton Launched a Video Game and Here's How You Can Play It

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4 August 2021

Louis Vuitton video game in the UAE

At face value, a Louis Vuitton video game sounds as compatible as oil and water. And it'd be hard to argue that the audience is the same. Almost anyone can install a gaming app on their phone and play it, while very few can afford a Louis Vuitton piece.

But video games have long been interested in couture. Titles like 'Bayonetta', 'Soul Calibur', and 'Castlevania' feature some of the most stylish fictional characters on-screen, and that's just naming a few.

Have You Spotted This Giant Burberry Bag in Dubai?

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1 July 2021

Giant Burberry bag in Dubai

If you’ve been around the sandy beaches of Palm Jumeirah recently, you may have noticed something new along the shoreline facing the Dubai Marina skyline. Namely, an enormous Olympia bag from Burberry.

This supersize version of the warm tan bag with its gold-plated hardware engraved with the Burberry logo gives passer-bys a look into the meticulous finishes and craft of the bag.

Loewe Brings Its Magical 'Totoro' Collaboration to Dubai

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1 February 2021

My Neighbour Totoro LOEWE collection in Dubai

Spanish luxury house Loewe and Japanese animation team Studio Ghibli teamed up to bring the brand's most playful and magical collection to date.

Inspired by the cult classic My Neighbour Totoro, Loewe's latest capsule collection celebrates fashion with "dreamy serenity and hands-on creativity", according to Loewe Creative Director Jonathan Anderson.

Nature and, most importantly, themes of protecting nature, are at the forefront of the collaboration.

Oh Yes. Inclusive, Extended Sizes Are Now At Dolce & Gabbana

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14 June 2019

Extended Sizes Are Now At Dolce & Gabbana

For decades, all luxury fashion houses have marketed their latest collections with petite, UK 0-8 size models. With such a huge gap, having a curvy model up to UK 22 size seemed like only a dream for many women.

Italian luxury fashion brand Dolce & Gabbana has, in previous runways, cast women of varying sizes and age - skinny, plus sized, pregnant, mature - to walk its runway all glamoured up in their latest pieces.

Michael Kors Acquires Versace In $2.12 Billion Deal

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26 September 2018

Michael Kors Acquires Versace

Don’t panic Italian luxury fashion house Versace which was founded in 1978, isn’t about to become Michael Kors –we won’t see Versace prints on Michael Kors handbags, but Michael Kors Holdings has acquired the iconic family-run brand for $2.12 billion.

Versace joins London shoemaker Jimmy Choo and Michael Kors in a new company which includes all three brands named Capri Holdings, inspired by the famous island destination for A-listers and fashionistas.

This Woman Was Asked To Pay A €490 Cleaning Bill For Wearing A Burkini In A French Pool

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7 August 2017

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This Woman Was Asked To Pay A €490 Cleaning Bill For Wearing A Burkini In A French Pool

A woman who goes by the name Fadila has spoken of her shock when she was asked to pay a €490 cleaning bill for wearing a burkini in a swimming pool at a hotel near Marseille, France. A burkini is a modest swimwear garment that covers the swimmer's whole body except their hands, feet, and face.