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The Sports Abaya: There's A New Fashion Trend In Saudi

Saudi Arabian women are embracing a sports-friendly version of the abaya

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24 April 2018

The Sports Abaya, Saudi Arabia

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After Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman commented that the abaya is not mandatory in Islam, there has been a fashionable rebellion in the Kingdom as Saudi women are embracing new ways to wear the abaya.

This includes Saudi Arabian fashion designer Eman Joharjy who has designed a sporty abaya for female Muslim athletes –providing a practical, yet still modest solution for Saudi women. Pictures of female athletes running in the streets of Jeddah, dressed in the sport-friendly version of the abaya have sparked a new debate on sartorial freedoms for women in Saudi Arabia.

As, it is fast becoming the new normal for women to challenge the typically all-black abaya and replace it with different styles, colours and fabrics, which are suited to both a woman's lifestyle and her personal flair.

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The sports version of the abaya offers greater mobility for sporting activities, as there is a big demand for the garment which allows more Muslim women to take part in sports freely and comfortably, without comprising their beliefs or culture.

As the evolution of the abaya continues, it appears some Saudi women are defiant to introduce new ways of dressing modestly as they start to embrace fashion trends and a practical dress code. Whilst KSA also continues to make huge changes for women in the country.

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