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Our favourite sunglasses of the moment!

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16 October 2016

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Sunglasses are typically a summer accessory, but in Dubai they are an all-year-round thing. Here are our favourite sunglasses of the moment characterised by trend:

Brow Bar

This trend shook up the sunglass industry in 2016. A bar running across the brows gives the trend its name and it works on any style of sunglasses.

Quay X Desi Encore - High Key Sunglasses

Quay X Desi Encore - High Key Sunglasses (image credit: Quay Australia)

Mirrored Lenses

Mirrored lenses provide a little camouflage with more eye-catching, brightening effects that put your outfit in the spotlight as opposed to dark frames that cast a shadow on your looks.

Dior - Rihanna Sunglasses

Dior - Rihanna Sunglasses (image credit: Dior)

Round Frames

Round frames were mainly associated with John Lennon in the 70s, but they are back with a bang and are soooo right now.

 Chloe - Carlina Sunglasses

Chloe - Carlina Sunglasses (image credit: Chloe)

The Clubmaster

Originally a style created by Ray-Ban in the 1950s, the ClubMaster is characterised by bold, plastic coverings that cover the top half of the lenses in order to mimic the wearer's natural brow-line. This hipster sunglass style is now back in vogue!

Ray ban - Clubmaster Classic

Ray-Ban - Clubmaster Classic (image credit: Ray-Ban)