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Zara Fans Can’t Quite Handle That The Fashion Brand Has Changed Its Logo

Some people think it looks like “zaba”, which means frog in Polish.

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30 January 2019


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As a species, humans admittedly aren’t that good with change. The latest example of this? Zara switched up its logo – and social media’s going a bit stir crazy over it.

It’s an unexpected move, and only the second time Zara has changed its logo in 45 years. The major difference is with the spacing – the letters no longer have gaps between them and are all bunched up together. To top off the new look, the “Z” and “R” letters have extra curves.

For a lot of people, it was the perfect time to get on PhotoShop to predict what the next iteration of the logo might look like…

A lot of people just miss simpler times, when the letters were spaced out.

For the design nerds out there, the main issue is with readability – some think when the logo is shrunk down, it looks like “Zaba”.

Even though there are a lot of people getting salty on social media, the change has won some fans.

This is by no means the first time a new logo has been met with outrage in the fashion world. Just last year fashion house Celine changed its logo in the smallest way – just by losing the accent over the “e” – and it immediately divided opinion and became subject of everything from think pieces to memes.

Zara’s logo has been done in partnership with design firm Baron & Baron – it’s not clear whether it’s a permanent change or just for the Spring/Summer 2019 campaign. According to Baron & Baron, the partnership is “an opportunity to introduce an artful new elevation to this bastion of democratic style” which will “give rise to an approach that blends elegance with edge – lifting the retailer to the level of luxury contemporaries, in a celebration of art and fashion for all.”

They’ll just have to wait out the uproar…