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7 Bright Design Tricks to Maximise Light in Your Home

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16 July 2019

7 Bright Design Tricks to Maximise Light in Your Home

Ask any interior designer: Light is one of – if not the – most important consideration in the layout of a home.

Quite apart from being essential (cooking in the dark is not advised), light provides the framework for a home’s aesthetic, and the foundation for its – to use a technical term – ambience.

It doesn’t matter how well you’ve feng shui-ed your cellar – if it’s lit by a single, flickering bulb, it’s still going to feel like the set of a horror movie.

An Interview With Interior Designers, New Evolution

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7 April 2019

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New Evolution Interior Designers in Dubai

This Dubai-based interior design firm is dedicated to creating exceptional style in your home.

Their mission is to provide first-class, quality-controlled services throughout all aspects of their business - and they pride themselves on focusing on detail, execution, and quality of finish. With a team of professional designers, engineers and project managers, New Evolution offer full turnkey solutions.

Why It's a Great Idea to Upgrade Your Dubai Home in 2019

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21 January 2019

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New Evolution project in Jumeirah Golf Estates, Dubai

In Dubai, we're currently living in a property market where the supply is higher than the demand.

Tenants and buyers are now finding it easier to pursue their dream home - and there's more opportunity nowadays to upgrade your home to the standard you'd like.

And if you're wishing to sell your home for asking price in this current market, it's a good idea to make some improvements. In this case, to have your home occupied or sold, it should stand out from other properties and provide a fresh look, neutral colours and higher finishes.

This Emirates Living Villa is The Ultimate Dubai Goal

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13 January 2019

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New Evolution project in Hattan, Arabian Ranches

Completed by Dubai-based fit-out company New Evolution, this Hattan villa is MAJOR goals.

Everything from the plot extension, to the landscaping, and the customised furniture – basically the entire refurbishment – was completed by the company, who provide a high-end, quality service based on 12 years of experience in Dubai, and over 20 years’ experience in the UK.

Space Saving Hacks for Homes With Limited Room

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30 December 2018

Space-saving hacks for Dubai apartments and small homes

In the heart of the urban jungle, space is a fiercely contested commodity.

In Dubai, a one bedroom apartment can cost on average around AED 90,000 per year in areas like Jumeirah Lake Towers, but that rises to more than AED 110,000 in Dubai Marina. And while rents are dropping across the emirate, prices are still high for the amount of space offered.

Small wonder many of the city's expats and residents try to squeeze every drop of use out of nook, corner and cranny when decorating and arranging their homes.

10 Ways To Decorate Your Home This Festive Season

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28 November 2018

Decorate Your Home In Dubai This Festive Season

From National Day to Christmas, December is month full of celebration here in the UAE –as many of us will be embrace the festive season by decorating our homes.

Dubai-based interior design experts, New Evolution, have offered us some inspiration on how to stylishly decorate for the upcoming holidays –with a mood board full of festive flair and elegant ornaments.

Is This The Best Interior Fit-Out Company In Dubai?

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5 November 2018

The Best Interior Fit-Out Company In Dubai

We live in a city that is home to some of the most luxurious properties in the world, yet finding a high-quality fit-out company in Dubai can be a struggle.

Dubai’s elite residential projects demand efficient project management, creative vision and flawless execution. New Evolution is a fit-out company that understands this need for perfection, and has a portfolio of more than 850 projects in the UAE to prove it.