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This Upgraded Springs Villa Oozes Modern Bohemian

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5 May 2020

Rarely do we come across a Springs villa so perfectly finished.

As one of the oldest communities in the emirate, The Springs is one of the most sought-after areas to live by expats, young couples, and small families. Offering 2 and 3 bed units across 14 sub-communities, standards range from villa to villa.

Which is why, when we come across an ungraded unit like this one in The Springs 11, we can't help but swoon.

See Inside This Upgraded Jumeirah Golf Estates Home

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21 April 2020

With chevron wood flooring, customised furniture, and a nursery inspired by the jungle - this Jumeirah Golf Estates villa is dreamy.

For many of us, moving into a new home or upgrading a room means a trip to the nearest home furnishings store.

Sadly, few realise there are companies in Dubai that offered tailor-made, customised furniture, like New Evolution, whose team work closely with you to design and create pieces you have dreamed of.

Why a Home Makeover Is the Best Gift for International Women's Day

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6 March 2020

This special offer lasts for the month of March!

Sunday, March 8 sees this year's edition of International Women's Day, the annual celebration of women's achievements and acknowledgement of their challenges.

After a long day's schedule of networking lunches, office hours, school runs, company dinners, and more, it's revitalising to return to a place you can really call "home" and unwind.

This Jumeirah Islands Home Had a Modern Makeover You Have to See

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4 March 2020

See how this leading interior fit-out company in Dubai gave a modern and luxurious makeover.

A stone's throw from some of Dubai's active city centre districts is a self-contained and upscale residential neighbourhood that sits on the water's edge. Jumeirah Islands is a 300-hectare development of over 700 luxury, styled villas within a series of man-made islands.

How to Make Your Home an Instagram Hit in 6 Simple Steps

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4 February 2020

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How to Make Your Home an Instagram Hit in 6 Simple Steps

If you love your home, you want to show it off – which these days, of course, means posting fab shots on Instagram.

Some of us are apparently so keen to win those likes that we’ll even cheat with ‘fake’ posts! In a survey for the Ideal Home Show, one in six people confessed to having posted an image of someone else’s home and pretended it was theirs. Plus, 18% of the 18-24-year-olds quizzed said they wouldn’t buy a house if they didn’t think it would impress on social media.

This Victory Heights Villa in Dubai Is the Home of Our Dreams

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20 October 2019

Set on the fairways of a lush golf course, Victory Heights is a collection of 3,242-square-foot prestigious villas built in a blend of European Classical, Mediterranean, and Spanish Andalusian styles. With its gated privacy, idyllic green setting, and promises of serene living - it's almost everything a perfect home in Dubai should be.

7 Bright Design Tricks to Maximise Light in Your Home

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16 July 2019

7 Bright Design Tricks to Maximise Light in Your Home

Ask any interior designer: Light is one of – if not the – most important consideration in the layout of a home.

Quite apart from being essential (cooking in the dark is not advised), light provides the framework for a home’s aesthetic, and the foundation for its – to use a technical term – ambience.

It doesn’t matter how well you’ve feng shui-ed your cellar – if it’s lit by a single, flickering bulb, it’s still going to feel like the set of a horror movie.

An Interview With Interior Designers, New Evolution

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7 April 2019

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New Evolution Interior Designers in Dubai

This Dubai-based interior design firm is dedicated to creating exceptional style in your home.

Their mission is to provide first-class, quality-controlled services throughout all aspects of their business - and they pride themselves on focusing on detail, execution, and quality of finish. With a team of professional designers, engineers and project managers, New Evolution offer full turnkey solutions.