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10 Closet Organisation Tips

Don't be intimidated by your cluttered closet!

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17 October 2016

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(image credit: creative closets®)

Regardless of your closet’s size, the most important component is organisation. Here are some closet organisation ideas that create a functional, gorgeous space that’s uncluttered and has designated spots for everything.

1. Take stock of your closet inventory: As boring as it may be to take stock, you need to know what is in your closet to be able to organise it effectively.

2. Discard everything that you haven’t used in over a year: you can either sell it online or donate to charity. Be brutally honest with yourself and do not hoard. This is perhaps the most important part of your closet organisation process.

3. If you do not have a lot of closet space, invest in an armoire: Freestanding armoires are perfect for customizable storage space to take the place of a closet.

4. Colour coordinate:hang the same kind of items together (shirts with shirts, dresses with dresses etc.) coordinated by colour. This will make it so much easier to find things on a rushed morning.

5. Invest in dividers: these are easily available at any home supplies or furniture store. Shoving things in a drawer is the perfect way to create a mess. Dividers are placed inside drawers so that each item can have its own place. This is a great way to organise jewellery.

6. Open shelving: Open shelves are a very contemporary way to organise your closet that combines functionality and aesthetics. This is a good way to display and organise your bags.

7. Stack your folded clothes vertically: It is a common practice to stack folded clothes horizontally in drawers and closet, however, if you stack them vertically they will take up less space and be more visible.

8. Light your closet: There are a number of clever, low-voltage and battery powered lights that can be added to shelves, drawers and other dark corners. Look for lighting that turns on and shuts off automatically for drawers and cabinets. Good lighting highlights your organised closet, makes it easier to find items and makes your closet look bigger.

9. Go small: It may seem like a good idea to invest in a closet that has many deep drawers – however this is the best way for your things to get lost at the bottom of the drawer. If you already have a closet like this, make use of dividers and stack no more than 5 items per shelf.

10. Get someone to do it for you: AKA the Dubai way. There are many companies that organise/build closets for you. creative closets® is one such company that builds closets customised to your needs.

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