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3 Mistakes That Make Your Home Look Cheap

Matching furniture sets are NEVER a good idea

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8 January 2017

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3 Mistakes That Make Your Home Look Cheap

Contrary to popular belief, you do not need to have a huge budget to make your home look classy and expensive. All you need to do is streamline your design, keep it simple and stay away from a few decorating cliches.

Here are 3 big no-nos when it comes to decorating your home:

1. Reproduced Art

Nothing cheapens a place like mass produced/printed art. That reprint of Van Gogh's Starry Night does not make you look artsy at all. It makes you look unoriginal and cheap. With websites like Etsy and Artfire popping up, original art is more accessible than ever.

Stay away from reprints!

2. Furniture sets

It may seem convenient to pop into a furniture store and buy a furniture set - but do yourself a favour and DON'T. Furniture sets are boring and lack originality and creativity. What brings a space to life is mixing and matching colours, patterns and accents.

3. Too much of one thing

Clearly, the decorator loved the colour blue in the image below. We reckon we would last a minute before fainting/getting dizzy in a room like this. If you like a colour/pattern - use it sparingly and make it a focus point as opposed to overdoing it.

 Too much of one thing

image credit: Polka Cafe