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3 Secrets Of People Whose Houses Are ALWAYS Clean

So, that's how they do it!

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5 April 2017

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how to keep your house clean all the time

Everyone knows someone whose house is always flawlessly clean. It doesn't matter if you show up there for an event or unannounced, it looks immaculate and polished every single time.

How do these people do it? Is there a secret society of the super clean freaks that we don't know about?

Do not worry. You too can be a part of the super clean freaks society by following the 3 secrets of people whose houses are always clean.

1. They don't hoard

The more stuff you have, the more you will have to clean. The more things you have on your table top, the more things that have to be dusted. This does not mean you need to live in an empty house, it just means you should only keep what's necessary and not hoard.

Trust us, it'll make your life so much easier.

2. They don't leave cleaning for the very last minute

Think about it - is it easier to simply make your bed cause everything else is in its place or clean a room that hasn't been swept/mopped in weeks and has clothes, books and other things strewn around all over?

It might be tempting in the moment to leave the dishes until tomorrow or put your clothes in a hamper, but too many "I'll do it tomorrow" moments turn your house into an unmanageable mess. Clean as you go - it'll take much less time and you'll enjoy a cleaner house for a longer period of time.

3. They know where to focus their energy

You know what they say...fake it till you make it. We all know that cleaning is not exactly a fun task and there will be weeks when you just can't find time to clean. So learn to fake it!

Pros know what areas to focus on and make it seem like their space is spotless, even if it's not.