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8 Most Popular Dressing Room Trends In Dubai

This is how Dubaites prefer their closets

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11 January 2017

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Top 8 Interior Design Trends In Dubai

image courtesy Closets Unlimited

Known for its luxury and opulence, Dubai is home to people from different countries with varying habits and tastes. However, some popular choices remain the same.

With their diverse experience of working with custom designed wardrobes and dressing rooms, Closets Unlimited has created an interesting list that tells us a lot about how Dubaites prefer their closets and dressing rooms.

1. Grey tones

The humid climate in Dubai is ideal for subtle classy colours and grey leads the race. Light grey, dark grey, greyish white - the colour is popping up everywhere. It applies to floors, cabinets, quartz countertops, velvet drawer liners and even to jewellery trays.

2. Classic mix of black and white

Never out of fashion. The classic black and white theme with a glossy finish is still requested very often.

image courtesy Closets Unlimited

3. Tactile materials

Laminate doors with wood print and texture are in high demand for their easy maintenance.

image courtesy Closets Unlimited

4. LED lights

There is a constant concern about the lighting in the closets. Illuminated hanging rods with motion sensors are commonly used. Also, LED strip lights on the back of cabinets for shoes and handbags are immensely popular.

5. Make-up dressers

As space permits, most people with walk-in closets want an area for make-up. This usually includes a countertop, drawers, a mirror with lights. Glass shelves for perfumes and other make-up items are also popular.

image courtesy Closets Unlimited

6. Safe boxes

The rich lifestyle practically demands clients to have a safe box somewhere. It usually falls inside a wardrobe or in a walk-in closet. From a small box for a few documents to larger ones with compartments for jewellery and other valuable items, the size usually varies according to the requirements.

7. Luxury drawers

Luxury drawers lined with rich velvet seem to be a favourite amongst the rich crowd. Those who can afford usually opt for countertops made of quartz or glass. Some people even get small fridges installed in their dressing rooms.

8. Luxury with functionality

The limited space in most of Dubai's apartments doesn't allow people to keep all their possessions. But it's actually upto a good designer to know the tricks on how to use the space to maximum advantage.

image courtesy Closets Unlimited

If you're looking to include one of these popular trends in your humble abode then give a call to Closets Unlimited on 04 3994080 or 052 6922660 or visit their website for a complimentary in-home closet design consultation.