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Bring The Outdoors Inside

Keeping plants in your home is not the only way to do it.

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11 October 2016

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bring the outdoors inside

Isn’t winter in Dubai the perfect time to be outdoors? Considering how short lived this pleasant weather in Dubai is going to be, we want to stay outdoors all the time! Yes, that is not entirely practical, but there are ways to bring the outdoors inside your home that go beyond keeping plants in your living room:

1. Let natural light in

Turn that AC off, draw those curtains and let the natural light and the cool breeze in – it won’t last forever #DubaiWinter.

Let natural light into your home

2. Use elements found in nature

Using materials like wood and stone that are normally found in nature is a brilliant way to give your home an outdoorsy feel.

Stone and wood interior bathroom

3. Incorporate fruits/vegetables into your décor

Fruit bowls have long been used by hotels to give rooms some colour and life – and you can incorporate this simple yet effective tip in your home too. You can use artificial fruits for longevity, but make sure to pick realistic looking ones.

Fruit bowl interior decoration

4. Pump up the color

Adding splashes/accents of earthy colours or shades of green is a subtle way to bring nature’s vibe to an indoor space.

earthy/green interior

5. Add a folding door

Adding folding doors to a hallway or room is an expensive upgrade, but would have the biggest impact. Just open the window and blur the lines between indoor and outdoor. Seriously, no window can compare to these.

Folding door in living room