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8 Decor Tips For a Calm and Happy Home by De Provence

De Provence is an online destination for home decor and yacht decor inspired by the Mediterranean art-of-living

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30 October 2019

Our home is our sanctuary where we take a break from the fast-paced urban life and the hectic day.

Little touches on your home décor –regardless of your style- will help you create a beautiful and relaxing place. www.deprovence.com is an online store based in Dubai, for stylish home accessories inspired by the Mediterranean art-of-living. As ewmoda we asked De Provence’s expert opinion on how to create a serene space.

1. Sunlight and Candlelight

According to De Provence, the essential element to create a relaxing environment is to get your lighting right. During the day, let sunlight in your house as long as it’s available. Light from the sun boosts our mood and even improves our cognition.

And when the sun goes down, use dimmed light and candles to create a calming mood. De Provence has a unique candles collection available on their website in the shape of statues, cakes, shellfish, butterflies and many more. And the best bit is, they offer free next day delivery in UAE.

2. Natural Materials

Nature has healing properties and we feel peaceful when we are in nature. That’s why nature is the perfect decor inspiration for a calm home. De Provence recommends using natural elements as part of your home décor such as linen, natural wood, stone and seashells for a soothing theme.

Did you know that olivewood for instance, not only has exquisite pattern, but also has antibacterial properties naturally? So it is perfect to use in kitchens. You can find beautiful olivewood serveware and mix match them with the embroidered French table linen available on www.deprovence.com.

3. Scents

The receptors in our nose have a direct route to the portion of the brain affecting a sense of well-being. For a tranquil home, introduce fragrance with aromatherapy candles and diffusers especially in your living room decor.

However, it is very important to burn healthy candles made from natural materials such as soy wax or beeswax. Most candles today are paraffin based which is based on petroleum and they release toxic fumes when burnt. You may purchase online a wide variety of soy wax and beeswax candles online at www.deprovence.com

Check out especially De Provence's Lotion Candle: It’s one of its kind! A candle, a body lotion and massage oil all at once!

The candle is so natural that once it melts you can use it as a moisturiser on your skin. Our favourite scent is Immortelle, whose anti-aging fame was spread around the world by the famous skincare company, L’Occitane.

4. Dress an Inviting Table

Food brings people together on many different levels. It’s nourishment of the soul and body, it’s truly love, said Giada De Laurentiis-the world renown Italian chef. Indeed, nothing beats an inviting table surrounded by good company.

www.deprovence.com in Dubai offers timeless tableware items including napkins, table linen, napkin rings, plates, glasses, teapots, candles, cake stands and many more.

5. Soften the Edges

Life can often be chaotic. Consider cutting the hard corners off your home to give it a more relaxing look by adding objects with a circular shape. Throw pillows are the perfect accents for this. www.deprovence.com has a wide selection of indoor and they start from 45 AED only. They also have these glamorous outdoor pillows embellished with Swarovksi crystals.

6. Appreciate Colors

Colour makes you happier. While a neutral palette is generally more relaxing, don’t be afraid of adding pops of colours to add some joy to your living room and dining room. Check out De Provence’s blue and white collection, timeless yet so on trend!

7. Evoke Memories

De Provence recommends bringing happy memories back to life by accenting your living space with photo frames. Happy thoughts, happy homes!

8. Music

Music brings the possibility of great joy and calm just like aromatherapy. Incorporating music into the background can help you create a calm, serene space. If you are not sure about what to play, we loved the playlist of De Provence launched on Spotify. Ideal to chill and lift your spirit up at home. Click here to listen.

So if you are looking to add elegant accents to your home at an attainable price level or looking for gift ideas for the festive season, we highly recommend www.deprovence.com.

They offer secure online shopping experience with cash on delivery and credit card payment options. You can shop from the comfort of your home and it is delivered to your doorstep by Aramex the next day. Make sure you follow their instagram account to be the first one to hear about their upcoming White Friday Sale offers (https://www.instagram.com/deprovencedecoration/)

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