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7 Simple Steps For Creating A Stylish – And Productive – Work Space At Home

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11 December 2020

Work Space At Home

Working from home can be the ultimate dream ticket – no more commuting or having to dress formally, or worry about office politics – and even better, you get to escape all that dreary corporate decor.

“Cutting down on wasteful travelling time, enabling you to spend more time with the family, is just some of the many benefits to home-working, and it can be particularly beneficial from a health and wellbeing perspective,” enthuses Susan White, marketing director at blinds and curtains specialists, Hillarys.

8 Decor Tips For a Calm and Happy Home by De Provence

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30 October 2019

Our home is our sanctuary where we take a break from the fast-paced urban life and the hectic day.

Little touches on your home décor –regardless of your style- will help you create a beautiful and relaxing place. www.deprovence.com is an online store based in Dubai, for stylish home accessories inspired by the Mediterranean art-of-living. As ewmoda we asked De Provence’s expert opinion on how to create a serene space.

Want To Create A Bottle Garden Full Of Luscious Houseplants? Here’s How To Do It

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27 February 2019

bottle garden

There’s a huge buzz around houseplants at the moment, from cacti and air plants, to all manner of low-maintenance specimens.

Creating your own bottle garden, containing a variety of easy-care houseplants, can provide an eye-catching centrepiece to a table or sideboard, with the least amount of fuss and mess.

We attended a Squire’s Garden Centres masterclass to find out how to do it.

6 Ways To Curl Up And Hibernate In Style

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12 December 2018

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6 Ways To Curl Up And Hibernate In Style

Shorter days and darker evenings inevitably leave us craving a large dose of cosy and comforting sanctuaries at this time of year.

Need to feather your nest? Frankly, there’s no need for fuss or faff – just a few style tweaks, and maybe a sprinkling of room treats, will work magic.

Grab a warm drink, relax, and discover our six easy steps to get snug...