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How To Make Your Roses Last Longer

Use household ingredients to make your roses last longer.

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14 August 2017

5 Tips For Longer Lasting Roses

Who doesn't love to receive a beautiful bunch of roses after hearing that mysterious knock at the door... Roses we know, are a heart-warming gesture with a bittersweet end. After admiring them blissfully for 7 - 10 days, we're left helpless as we go on to witness their inevitable demise.

If you're looking for a way to defy the clock and make your stunning blooms stay vibrant and stay fresh for a few more days, try one of these tips from Forever Rose founder Ebraheem Al Samadi that use household ingredients to make your flowers last longer.

1. Aspirin

A tried-and-true way to keep roses fresh for longer: Crush up an aspirin and add to the water, and remember to change the vase water every few days.

5 Tips For Longer Lasting Roses

2. Bleach

A few drops of bleach per litre of water will help inhibit bacterial growth and keep the water from getting cloudy. A quarter teaspoon is all you need, don't go overboard!

3. British Pennies

That's right, sink some coins into your beloved arrangement! The copper acts like an acidifier preventing growth of bacteria in the vase water.

4. Sugar & Vinegar

Add 3 tablespoons sugar and 2 tablespoons white vinegar per litre of water. This helps to nourish the stems and ward off harmful bacteria.

5 Tips For Longer Lasting Roses

5. Flower Food

This special sache formula is made up of the perfect balance of nourishing ingredients that your blooms will drink up gladly and ensure you get the very best from you roses for up to two weeks!