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How To Revive A Dying Plant

Don't give up just yet

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26 October 2016

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How To Revive A Dying Plant

While many plants that appear dead can be revived, a plant that is truly dead cannot be brought back to life. Many of the plants that people perceive as being dead are alive but have lost leaves to preserve their more vital components.

Here's how you can revive a plant that appears to be dying:

1. Re-pot Your Plant

Moving a dying plant to fresh soil can make a world of a difference. Just make sure the new pot is bigger than the one the plant was in so it has a lot of room to grow.
Remember: If you've recently re-potted a plant, it can experience shock, which should subside in 2 to 3 weeks.

2. Feed It

Its not just us humans who need to have a balanced diet, plants need it too! Opt for a slow-process variety fertiliser that won't feed your plant's roots too much at once.

3.Give It Sun

Slowly. It is a bad idea to put a newly re-potted plant in direct sunlight. Move the plant to a shadier location until it recovers, and consider sitting the pot in a tray filled with gravel and water to increase the humidity around the leaves.

4. Don't Over-water

If the leaves are turning yellow — and the centre stalk is turning brown and getting a little soft, there is a high possibility that you are overwatering your plants.

5. Check for bugs

If you see webbing or new bumps protruding from your plant, check for bugs. This happens when bugs munch on your plants. Determine what the bug is and then treat your plant with an appropriate organic insecticide.