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6 Easy Ways To Give Your Home A Minimalistic Vibe

Because less is more...

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18 April 2017

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6 Easy Ways To Make Your Home Décor 'Minimalistic'

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The aphorism ‘Less is More’ became part of regular parlance after Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, a German-American architect, used the phrase to refer to his efforts of reducing buildings and elements into simpler forms of art.

Today, Mies van der would have lived to see his timeless phrase capturing the essence of an interior design philosophy, just as it did to describe the outer façade of buildings and monuments.
Minimalistic interiors are an ideal solution if you’re looking to de-clutter at both home and in life. The understated style, simple colors and an uncongested flow of design can form a great impression on both residents and visitors to your sanctuary.
Here, we give you a quick guide on how to infuse the minimalistic spirit in your home without the hassle.

1. Befriend a color

Just as a piece of music or book captures your story, chances are that a shade of hue accurately mirrors your personality. Keep your palette aligned with your choice of colour when painting your walls and choosing furniture and accessories. Blend it with a tinge of neutral shades like white for variations, but try not to venture beyond that - anything that breaks away from the colour range could distance you from the desired minimalism.

2. Highlight with textures

Textures can emerge through wall paint finish, furniture pieces, accessories and flooring of a room. Experimenting with textures like linen, ash wood and marble finish – as long as they are in harmony with the colour palette – is a great way to bring the most out of your interior. Plan your shopping after you have decided on the textures so that there is continuity in them.

image courtesy Chattels & More

3. Use glass elements

Some great decorative pieces only need an outlet for display, and what better than glass containers to attract everyone’s gaze? Fresh and colourful produce like fruits and captivating floral pieces can take over your centrepiece in the dining room if you place them within glass containers. The ‘clear see-through’ attribute makes them a safe bet to display colours that you want to be accentuated within the room; which just as easily can be changed if you are not happy with the trial. Here’s one way to de-clutter without the hassles of moving large objects or splurging on new items!

image courtesy Chattels & More

4. Pay heed to symmetry

You’ve got the colour in harmony and a texture that perfectly complements the surroundings. But this tranquillity could be disturbed if the furniture is not arranged in symmetry. Test this out:

- Invite a few friends at your home
- Ask them to remember the sequence in which their gaze travelled across your newly decked up room and which pieces were spotted first
- Ask them to jot this down on a paper and compare the readings

If their observations flitted from one part of the room to another, with no logical sequence in the line of vision, chances are that your interior needs an overhaul in symmetry. The idea is to bring about simple lines and shapes in the furniture arrangement so that it carries a pair of eyes around in graceful motion.

5. Stash away the Lego

Lego pieces, toys, DVDs, books and gadgets can become an eye-sore when not organised properly. Stray pieces of paper or dust-caked books that are not stored away can disturb your plans of an interior that create the right impact. Utilise hidden drawers and cupboards to store the items.
“A place for everything, everything in its place.” - Benjamin Franklin

6. Remember: less is more

Adopting a minimalistic lifestyle has a lot more to do with discarding than shopping, even if the latter comes naturally to us. It is wiser to keep a few pieces that speak about your personality and story than maintaining a generous stock that’s largely mute.

image courtesy Chattels & More

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