IDdesign's Fall/Winter Furniture is Worth Checking Out

IDdesign's Top Tips for Fall/Winter Decor

Minimalism and darker accents are suited for cooler months

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25 October 2017

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IDdesign's Top Tips for Fall/Winter Decor

The transition weather is the perfect excuse to give your space a fresh new face. With fall/winter soon approaching, there are a couple of things to do to enjoy the cooler months better. Inspired by mid-century styles, slight metallic touches and darker accents make an appearance this season.

You can expect hues of dark blue, grey and dusty bluish pinks that compliment the changing weather perfectly.

Modern elements

Update the space with fluffy rugs, add extra throws and cushions of different shapes, colors, patterns to your sofas to incorporate the FW shades. Purchase candles, lanterns to create the intimate, cozy winter night feel.

IDdesign's Top Tips for Fall/Winter Decor


Incorporate the marble texture minimally, for instance, small, round coffee table would be a perfect piece that adds a touch of sophistication to your space.

An alternative choice for marble that is high on trend this season are earthier materials, like wood, clay, and metal with worn finishes.

IDdesign's Top Tips for Fall/Winter Decor

Rich, dark and dramatic

Ditch all-white interiors and embrace warmer, richer shades of brown, black, deep greens, rich reds and subtle pinks. These cosy shades are perfect for the fall and winter.

Complement bold shades with natural wood and leather, accented with brass and cream.

IDdesign's Top Tips for Fall/Winter Decor

Mix and match

Instead of buying the whole set, mix and match sofas for a one-of-a-kind look and displaying in focal points of the room. Trendy patterns and mix and match sets reflect your personal choice and mood.

Create a mood board by adding FW17 colours such as a combination of deep forest green OR deep grey with lighter shades such as blush pinks and dusty rose.

IDdesign's Top Tips for Fall/Winter Decor

Simple yet sophisticated

All velvet is making a comeback this season. The fabric feels luxurious and welcoming for fall and winter, and when combined with rough natural textures (think reclaimed wood and woven baskets) and smooth metals and ceramics; this adds a visual interest and tactile cosiness to a room.

Woven textiles, baskets, woven pendant lamps, clay, row metal candleholders are perfect picks for the upcoming season.

IDdesign's Top Tips for Fall/Winter Decor

Play with patterns

Brass is the new copper, especially when incorporated into furniture in an overt way. Use statement pieces in brass or rose gold to add a touch of style to your space.