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How To Make The Most Of Your Fire Pit

Keep that fire burning

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30 October 2016

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As winter settles in, the prospect of an outdoor fire pit to warm up the cold nights ahead looks all the more appealing. Electric heaters may be convenient, but they have all the charm of a toaster. A fire pit, on the other hand is a fantastic, rustic-looking addition to your home that your friends and family will enjoy as well. If you are considering installing one in your backyard, here are a few tips to keep it burning brightly:

Pick the right spot

Mark the least windy spot in your backyard or garden to avoid scattering smoke and ash. Prevent the fire from getting out of hand by placing it at least ten feet away from flammable yard debris and positioning it away from overhanging trees.

Pick the right fuel

Avoid burning substances that might emit toxic fumes, such as trash or preservative-coated wood. The use of accelerants is not recommended as it could discolour or damage the pit. Instead, use dry split wood and feed the flames with fallen leaves and sticks. Use a long poker and tongs to uniformly arrange the logs.

Let it burn

The best method for extinguishing the fire is to simply let it burn out naturally. While you should always have water on standby in case of emergency, try not to use water to douse the flames as the quick temperature shift can cause your fire pit to crack.

Keep it clean

Regular and proper cleaning are essential to the smooth functioning of your fire pit:

- Don’t allow the ashes to accumulate over long periods as their acidic composition is detrimental to the soil. Wait for the last burning embers to die down completely and for the ashes to cool, then use a metal ash can to scoop up them up.

- When cleaning residue, use a solution composed of muriatic acid and water in a 9:1 ratio. Rinse with water and avoid using the pit for 2-3 days to allow it to dry.

- For gas fire pits, inspect the fuel lines regularly and ensure that the burners are clean to facilitate good gas flow.

- Remove rust from metal fire pits by scrubbing it with a stiff wire brush. Prevent further damage by coating the pit with oil, silicone or any treatment recommended by the manufacturer.

- Covers help to protect your pit while minimising the spread of embers and char. While it primarily serves as a safety feature, you can also choose decorative covers so that it doesn’t detract from the overall aesthetics of the fire pit.