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Our Top BBQ Picks!

Because winter in Dubai = BBQ weather, obviously

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20 October 2016

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BBQ weather is finally here! BBQ fans - get ready to liberate the barbeque grills from storage and stock up on charcoal. The freezer will now be rid of ice cream to make room for prime cuts. Friday noon in Dubai will no longer be that dreary trip to the mall, but a chance to catch up with friends and family over sensational smoky flavours. Let the battle of the grill masters commence!

Safety first
Where there is fire there is smoke and the possibility of getting burned. Make sure you follow basic precautions before you light up the grill. Be extra mindful while using lighter fuel, keep a safe distance while lighting up. Make sure to keep portable grills securely anchored to the ground with some weights or sand bags - this way there is less danger of the grill toppling over.

The meat of the matter
Now that the charcoal or gas grill is fired up and ready let's get started with the choice of meats. Just make sure to marinade the meats in advance and store them in the freezer.

Here's what we can't wait to barbecue:

1. Lamb Kebab: The lamb kebab is a Middle Eastern favourite that has crossed oceans to become a beloved staple of Arabic cuisine globally. Serve it piping hot with vegetables, rice, or pita bread.

2. Shish Tawook: For those kebab lovers who need to limit their red meat intake, the shish tawook is an immensely satisfying white meat alternative.

3. Hammour: Grilled hammour is a healthier alternative to meat. This deliciously tender fish can be filleted, cubed for kebabs, or cooked whole.

4. Lamb Chops: No matter what the marinade recipe is, lamb chops are unbeatable in terms of succulence, distinctive flavour and tantalising aroma.

5. Beef Steak:While steak lovers may hold opposing opinions of their favourite cuts, there is little doubt that no other grilled meat comes close to the ardent universal love for the beef steak.

6. Salads and Dips: While meat is the star attraction of a backyard barbeque, salads and dips are the unsung heroes. A simple vegetable salad with an uncomplicated dressing goes well with any meat, while dips such as hummus and salsa round off the meal.