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How To Use Lighting To Add The WOW Factor To Your Home

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9 May 2017

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How To Use Lighting To Make Your Home Look Amazing

image courtesy: FUSION by THE One

Lighting can be used to create various effects, from dramatic and theatrical to warm and cosy. Whatever the desired outcome, the aim is to strike a balance between light and shade, with emphasis placed on complementing the existing design. Good lighting will enhance the look of your furniture, textiles and accessories. When choosing lighting, it is important to remember that dark colours absorb the light and pale colours reflect it. So a space with dark walls will require more lights and vice versa.

Produce that ‘WOW’ factor by opting for a chic chandelier over the dining table or create pools of light with a couple of delicate pendant lamps hung low for a more intimate effect - the options are endless.

image courtesy: THE One

The top 5 lighting tips from THE One, one of UAE's leading home furniture and accessories brands, are:

1. Function first, then fashion.

A good light setting is really important to create the right atmosphere and feeling of comfort, but functionality, as well as flexibility, should be considered before making a final choice. Whether you need direct light for reading, ceiling lights for cleaning, under-cabinet lighting in the kitchen, directional spotlights to highlight wall paintings or dimmed table lamps for a cosy atmosphere, once you have identified the purpose, it is much easier to choose the product.

image courtesy: THE One

2. High-five!

In general, depending on the size of your room (of course), it’s a good idea to think five light sources. THE One has a wide range of exciting lighting options available in various sizes and styles, from unusual uplights, round shaped pendant lamps and chic chandeliers to retro table lamps made from plexiglass, Moroccan-inspired lanterns, funky floor lamps and more.

image courtesy:THE One

3. Go light, not bright and green.

One common mistake people make is using light bulbs with too high a wattage, creating harsh light that is not pleasing to the eye. When purchasing new light bulbs try and make the switch to new energy saving ones – it is where everyone is going or should be going!

image courtesy: FUSION by THE One

4. Have fun and be experimental.

Bring life into your home by experimenting with moving uplights, installing downlights in glass cabinets and introducing ornate decorative lamps. Also, a dimmer switch is a wonderful invention to play with; you can choose to go comfy and informal or flood the room with light if you need something more functional. It can alter the mood in a room in a second.

image courtesy: THE One

5. Push the boundaries - go outside.

Remember the garden and outside areas. Try lighting a tree from below or the façade of your house. Also, a wall light next to the entrance will make it more inviting. However, remember to use a low wattage bulb that gives off a soft, yellow light.

Bonus tip

If you are reading and writing then a direct light will be the best to help you see, but if you are seated at a desk remember to place your desk lamp to the left if you are right-handed so your hand doesn’t cast a shadow over what you are writing and vice versa. Lamps that spread light evenly are recommended when doing household chores or puzzles with the kids on the coffee table.

Ultimately, the more creative One is, THE brighter One’s path to Enlightenment will be!