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These Halloween Decoration Deals Are Scary Good

Transform your home this Halloween with these spooky and subtle decorations...

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10 September 2019

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Clarice Awa

Editor Clarice Awa at ExpatWoman
These Halloween Decoration Deals Are Scary Good

It's the season of plastic ghouls that flash LED lights, blow-up ghosts, faux zombie hands, toy witches that laugh spookily when trick or treaters walk by, and carved-out pumpkins sitting by the welcome mat.

But cheesy decorations may not be what you're envisioning for your home this year and you want to opt for something more haute-Halloween.

Whether you're planning a petrifying party or just want to deck out your crib in horrifying Halloween vibes this October, we've got the decorations of your dreams - er, nightmares - to amp up the gorgeously dark and moody atmosphere in your home.

From skull-shaped ice cube trays to Addams Family-esque candlesticks, we've rounded up the best Halloween decorations this year that are so good it's scary.

1.) Skeleton Lawn Flamingos

Switch out your regular yard flamingos for these skeletal ones.

Buy it on Amazon from AED 167

2. Halloween mold

Available in six shapes, this silicone is great for making ice cubes or sweets shaped like pumpkins, bats, ghosts, and skeletons.

Add it to your shopping cart from Amazon for AED 39.99

3. Black dinnerware

For a dark and broody Halloween dinner, try arranging for all-black dinnerware. If the food is light in colour, then these black plates from Amazon will make your menu pop.

These Halloween Decoration Deals Are Scary Good

Photo credit: Camille Styles

4. Tortured candles

"Torture" your candles to nail that creepy look. Simply grab a set of 4 candles here from AED 15 and DIY it.

These Halloween Decoration Deals Are Scary Good

Photo credit: Mottes Blog

5. 3D Full Moon Lamp

Want a full moon on Halloween? This 3D lamp has got you covered.

Get it from Amazon for AED 27.99

6. Skull Glass

Serve drinks with this set of four spooky glasses, and to make your beverage extra chilling, add skull-shaped ice cubes using the silicone mold above.

Purchase the set on Amazon for AED 49.90

7. Skull Succulent Pot

Skeletons in your closet? Nope, just in your garden. Transform your potted plants into creepy fauna with their new home: a scarily realistic skull.

Available on Amazon for AED 58.99

8. Black Gothic Candle Holders

There's no easier way to bring a little creepiness into your home than dimming the lights and setting up your tortured candles on this elegant, gothic-inspired candlestick holder. Instant shivers.

9. Activated Haunted Mirror

A perfect addition for any haunted home this Halloween, this mirror flashes a ghoulish face whenever someone walks by. If you're having guests over, place this mirror somewhere they won't suspect for a maximum scare effect. Then sit back and enjoy the shrieks.

Buy it on Amazon for AED 118

10. Beloved pet

Along with cats, ravens are also among a witch's favourite pets, and this AED 90 skeletal bird has over 250 four-star reviews on Amazon. Add an off-putting piece to your home this Halloween, quoth the raven.

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