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7 Simple Steps For Creating A Stylish – And Productive – Work Space At Home

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11 December 2020

Work Space At Home

Working from home can be the ultimate dream ticket – no more commuting or having to dress formally, or worry about office politics – and even better, you get to escape all that dreary corporate decor.

“Cutting down on wasteful travelling time, enabling you to spend more time with the family, is just some of the many benefits to home-working, and it can be particularly beneficial from a health and wellbeing perspective,” enthuses Susan White, marketing director at blinds and curtains specialists, Hillarys.

What Is Cottagecore? How to Live the Escapist Aesthetic at Home

Posted on

16 September 2020

What Is Cottagecore? How to Live the Escapist Aesthetic at Home

Your guide to nailing a quintessential cottagecore home in Dubai and the UAE

Ever since the outbreak of Covid-19, citizens of the internet have seen a growing interest in cottagecore, alternatively known as farmcore or countrycore.

Aesthetically, cottagecore can be described as frolicking in open grassy meadows, raising animals, homebaked goods, cozy little homes in the countryside, foraged ingredients for dinner, freshly picked flowers, and vintage dresses.

6 Refreshing Ideas To Decorate Homes This Festive Season

Posted on

20 December 2017

IDdesign decorations

It's that time of the year when you slide into the festive spirit and get easily inspired by the festive season to spruce up your space and deck up your place with holiday trimmings and ornaments.

IDdesign, the most innovative furniture franchise concept gives 6 refreshing ideas to decorate your place in Dubai this holiday season that your family and friends will definitely love.

5 Chic Colour Combos To Get You Away From Black & White

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15 June 2017

5 Chic Colour Combos To Get You Away From Black & White

Before we begin, here’s a short memo: We are, in no way, denying the power of black and white. We're merely looking beyond this timeless, classy — and yes, SO overdone and cliché combination.

A pop of contrasting colours is just what you need to shift your mind away from the neutrals and pastels. But the question is – which combinations work?

In case you’re looking to add a splash of life to your home then check out these peppy hues that will take your colour wheel beyond your imagination.