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Tips To Build An Incredible Outdoor Kitchen

This weather is for cooking and dining al fresco!

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30 October 2016

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Modern homes may have all the creature comforts and gadgets, but the kitchen is almost always a compromise. Most of the space is awarded to the living room or bedrooms, while the kitchen is smaller than most people desire. If you want a large kitchen that appeals to your inner chef, you can easily devote some space from your backyard and create the perfect outdoor kitchen. Here are some ideas for cooking up a delightful outdoor kitchen:

Get creative with your counters

If you’re on a tight budget you could create an extra-wide window counter by extending your kitchen. It’s easy to pass food back and forth and all you need it fold-able table and chairs for an instant outdoor dining area.

Grilling station

An indoor grill is often a compromise, not big enough and not authentic enough. A fully loaded outdoor grilling station with adequate storage for wood, charcoal, plates and cutlery can be built with a wood or stone base. When the weather is right, fire up your grill, load up on some prime cuts and invite friends and family over to a fun cookout.

Get more social

An outdoor kitchen is a lot more fun when it is accompanied by outdoor dining. There is nothing better than good food and lively conversation around an outdoor dining table to make your party a smash hit. If you have a large enough backyard you can have a lovely rustic wooden table with bench seating and pergola style shading. You could also set up a mini living room beside your kitchen as shown below.

outdoor kitchen with living room

Outdoor kitchen with a living area

Pizza anyone?

A wood-fired oven is perfect for an outdoor kitchen. From scrumptious pizzas and bread to manakeesh and grilled veggies, a wood fired oven is versatile and authentic. Not to mention, a sure-fire crowd-pleaser.

Make a U-turn

A serious outdoor kitchen should be well organised with everything within easy reach. A U-shaped kitchen layout is usually zoned from hot to cold, with a grill on the left, a refrigerator drawer and an ice-maker on the right, and finally a food preparation area in the centre.

Get your groove on

Bring the music out from the living room. Invest in a decent wireless music player or a Bluetooth boom box. You could also install weatherproof speakers around the area to make your outdoor cooking sessions more fun or relaxing.