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Top Interior Design Trends Of 2017

Foldable rooms are going to take over in 2017!

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2 January 2017

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Top Interior Design Trends Of 2017

(image credit: Jebiga Design and Lifestyle)

2017 may turn out to be a pivotal year in not just interior design, but in the way we live. Retro is cool once again, space in homes is becoming more premium, minimalism is making waves and fresh, innovative thinking is now the new normal. 2017 can be expected to be so surprising, intriguing and fresh, that our trend spotting may turn out to be redundant.

1. Faux will be fashionable in 2017

No, we are not faking it. More and more designers are turning to faux materials for a budget-friendly and sometimes more reliable alternative to authentic materials. From faux fur rugs, faux wood ceiling to faux marble, and faux leather counters, this trend is clearly catching on.

2. Rooms you can fold

As more young people move into their own homes, "Less is more" has become the mantra for many designers who are blazing new trails with exceptionally creative and out-of-the-box ideas. 2017 will be the year that designers embrace fold-up rooms and tucked-away appliances to preserve precious square footage.

Foldable rooms (image credit: Jebiga Design and Lifestyle)

3. Mixed patterns

Not for the first time, runway fashion will influence interior design. This bold trend made its debut at the New York Fashion Week in fall 2016 and will appear even more in home decor this year. For the pattern lover, pieces with mixed patterns defy convention wisdom and open up a world of quirky, original design.

image credit: Nordstrom

4. Minimalistic bathrooms

When it comes to the size and the shape of the bathroom in urban areas, the trend is going in the direction of smaller and more intimate spaces. The shape and the size of toilets, sinks and bathtubs will be considerably reduced, not only to fit better in small urban apartments without compromising on functionality and comfort.

5. Going bright green in 2017

Greenery - named the 2017 Pantone Colour Of The Year, is the cheery shade of green you won't be able to avoid in home decor, fashion and commercial design next year. According to Pantone, Greenery represents refreshment and revitalisation - something we all could use in a world facing complex social and political changes. The shade has also made a noticeable appearance on the runway this year, debuting in collections from Gucci to Prada.