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What Plants To Grow In A Dry Land Like Dubai

Xeriscaping is the way to go

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30 October 2016

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In this fast-paced world home gardens an opportunity to momentarily retreat to the tranquillity of nature. However, the commitment required to nurture a garden to life is an undertaking that requires a lot of time and patience. Couple that with the region’s notoriously long and humid summers and the task gets even more daunting. However, you don’t have to give up on your gardening dreams yet! Hope blooms in the form of Xeriscaping - a landscaping practice that utilises hardy, drought-resistant and low maintenance plants. The result? A garden that conserves water and requires less upkeep —a win for the environment and amateur gardening buffs.

Before you begin, make sure that the initial conditions of your land are ideal for Xeriscaping. Make a sun chart to measure the levels of exposure that each part of your garden gets so you can properly match the plants with their sunlight requirements. Analyse your soil to ensure that the nutrient and pH levels are suitable, and make adjustments accordingly. Once the conditions are favourable you can begin planting. So what fuss-free plants and flowers are ideal for growing in this eco-friendly way? Here are some options:

Bermuda grass

Getting the green look without using gallons of precious water is easy. The Bermuda Grass originated from the Middle East before making its way to its namesake country. It is ideal for hot and dry conditions. Aside from its ability to withstand drought, this grey-green grass is tough, grows fast and recovers quickly from damage.


Their unique beauty and ability to withstand dry weather conditions have made these prickly plants popular ornamental additions to homes and gardens ever since their European debut in the 1800s.


It's time to reduce your carbon footprint. For those of you who wish to grow their own food, vegetables such as sweet potato, eggplant, tomato, and okra are some of the Xeriscape-friendly plants that you can plant in your garden.


How about some flowers to brighten up the scenery? Consider the sun-loving Lavender Cotton with its lavender shrubs and bright yellow flowers, the surprisingly tough Madagascar Periwinkle, and the butterfly-attracting Lantana to add fragrance, colour and life to your patch of green.